Rushing to the rescue?

You hear screaming from your neighbors home while you’re cutting the grass. You know nothing about the family as they keep to themselves. All you know is you could hear a woman screaming from the house over the sound of your lawn mover.

Do you rush over and help?

I believe that if I heard a lady screaming next door,I would call law enforcement and wait for law enforcement to arrive. It could be anything that could have scared her.


That is a very valid option, @James237!

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I dial 911, any interference from me may cause possible escalation of problem. I’m not so sure I go rushing to the sound of screams unless it’s my wife or possibly a child.

Here is the problem with the what-if game, change one small variable and the entire scenario changes drastically.

You always want clarity of the situation before you decide to get involved or not. Your example proves you have no clarity. You have no idea what is happening. It could be a loud TV for all you know.

My opinion is call 911, place yourself in a position of advantage and be a good witness.

I did not read the article linked.