Drive By Shooting Nextdoor

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and you awake to the sudden sound of rounds popping outside you home,followed by tires squealing. Do you get involved ?

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Just dial 911. We are not law enforcement officers or EMT’S.


Agreed. Just dial 911 and give a good report of what you heard. Unless you or your family are in direct peril, just report what you heard.


Bingo @Virgil_H. My first duty is the defense of my family. I’ll call 911, and put on enough clothes to evacuate if it turns into more than a drive by.


I am not obligated to secure my neighborhood. Why would I dare run out guns-a-blazing? My family is my treasure, that is who I protect. I secure them inside in a safe room, I am armed… At this time, I can only be the best witness and information provider I can and call 911. If the action comes to my home… well all bets are then off.


Call 911. Gather my family in a safe location in my home. Stay down and wait for the police to arrive to do their job. Be a good citizen, not Rambo.


Anything much more than this. You risk being misidentified as a bad guy.

I’m staying inside maybe moving family to the other side of the house checking my home for any rounds that may have come in.



Had this happen when my wife and I first started living together. Was in bed, asleep, heard that distinctive sound of multiple shotguns racking. Flipped bed over on wife, grabbed my .45, my cell called 911. As 4 males went up my neighbors sidewalk. Had 911 called, description, car make and model, and tag before they ever got to his door.

They went in and terrorized him and his family for darn near an hour. It took 911, an hour and 45 minutes to get there.

When I asked what took so long, the officer asked me why I didn’t just shoot them yourself? Told him because at this point in time Alabama was a duty to retreat state, and I didn’t particularly feel like going to jail.


Ditto to previous responses, you don’t know if the squealing tires were a good guy or a bad guy getting out of there.

Well done brother

911, gear up, check doors and windows, sit tight away from windows wait for all clear from law enforcement. Take the next day off get some sleep! Hope it was all just random idiots and negligent discharges.

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I wish I had been the first to respond, but a great answer was given along with the subsequent responses. One threat to the cc community is people with a hero complex, simply because they have the right to carry, or permit to carry concealed. The hope is, as we learn more, it will impact or correct our actions, our habits, our mentality and temperament.


Well said. What the CC community does NOT need is a Rambo getting into a situation with guns blazing only to hit an innocent or a good guy. Defend you and yours if needed and call 911.

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