Rules for NFA items

What are the rules for taking your legal Silencer to the range in Texas?

I’ve heard i need proof of tax stamp with me, and also that that is no longer required. I try to keep a copy of the stamp with the gun, but curious what the law is?

What are the laws for legal SBR, and what is different?


I don’t know about TX, but I recommend taking a picture of all your tax stamps and having them on your phone. That way there is never any doubt you don’t have the paperwork. Keep the originals in a safe–make lots of copies. Keep a copy with it.

Does the possessor of an NFA firearm have to show proof of registration?

Yes. The approved application received from ATF serves as evidence of registration of the NFA firearm. This document must be made available upon request of any ATF officer. It is suggested that a photocopy of the approved application be carried by the possessor when the weapon is being transported.

[26 U.S.C. 5841(e); 27 CFR 479.101]

I live in Michigan, so the law may be different, but I have a fireproof/waterproof soft satchel/portfolio that I have a copy of all of my tax stamps in. If a naughty item comes out of the safe, I just grab the satchel/portfolio and go. Copies are legal, so my originals never leave my safe.

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