Recommend a new handgun cleaning rod?

The current versions of Outer’s, Hoppe’s and GunSlick look a little on the flimsy side :worried:
Any recommendations?

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I kind of like the Otis cleaning kits. The “rod” is a cable that has a protective coating on it. No more bent rods.

I used to just get the cheapest kit available. Later, I started shooting rifles of a couple different calibers (needed different size and length rods) and ended up getting one of the bigger kits (cleaning and lube separate) and still use it to this day (probably about 15 years with it). Although it’s branded as Cabelas, I think it’s very similar to the RangeMaxx kit offered at Cabelas now a days. Figuring out which attachment for which end and which rod is a little tricky, but it works:

RangeMaxx All-In-One Gun-Cleaning Kit

I don’t know if the quality changed over the years, since the reviewers seem to break them easily. I don’t ram things hard in and out of the barrels and haven’t had a problem with my 15 year old kit.

Note: One of the reviewers mentioned that the plastic organizer in the case can get warped if you let gun cleaner sit on the components. Mine has a slightly different interior so I can’t say on the newer ones.

I switched over to using bore snakes on both my handguns and my rifles. They work well for routine cleaning.

Another vote for the Otis kit.

I have quite the mix of rods, but I seem to be replacing bent ones with Montana X-treme these days.