Protecting your assets - instructor insurance


I have some questions for the group:

  1. If you’re an instructor, do you carry liability insurance for your classes? If so, does it include “professional liability” (not just protection from firearms-related litigation)? I’d like to hear how you determined what coverage to buy.

  2. If you’re teaching and have set up a small business to use for this purpose, how did you structure it? I.e., sole-proprietorship, LLC, etc. Why? Did you transfer your personal firearms used for training to the small business for an extra layer of protection?

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Liability insurance is a wise idea, and may be required by ranges you teach through. I have both general liability and errors and omissions coverage for my engineering work. Before I teach I’ll add firearms instructor coverage.

We have an s-Corp and it already covers teaching activities, so it’ll go under there. Might set up a separate DBA for the company to use, something firearms or safety oriented.


Good info, Zee. Thanks.

As I’ve been reviewing various policies for instructor insurance, it gets complicated. You can find firearms instructor insurance. You can find non-firearms instructor insurance. You can find some that cover mixed instruction, but there are some severe caveats and exclusions. And then when you start a business, you have to consider insurance for that entity.

I’m hoping to get some time with an attorney soon, and I will be leveraging the info gleaned from responses here to inform my discussion. And I’ll share his answers!


Someone in my instructor training class suggested these folks:
Their prices sound comparable to what I pay for engineering consulting

BTW, attorney consultation is an excellent plan.

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Here’s another one that has firearms instructor insurance
Premium about $380