Product Review: Aegis trigger for Ruger EC9S

The Aegis Short Stroke Trigger by Galloway Precision kept my Ruger EC9s in my EDC lineup.

For around $40, I swapped out the factory EC9s trigger for the Aegis with:

  1. A shorter take-up
  2. A more clear, definitive wall
  3. A more crisp release
  4. A more tactile reset

I like my EC9s. It does what it’s supposed to do and at a very decent price. It goes BANG when you want it to, and it hits the target where you want it to. And I was happy as a clam with it, and its somewhat mushy trigger, until I bought my Canik TP9SFX. I love the Canik trigger, but it’s spoiled me. Recently at the range, my hand, muscles and brain, used to about a hundred rounds through the Canik, picked up the EC9s, got it on target, started to pull the trigger back feeling for the wall of the Canik, never really finding it, and then “Bang”.

That was sobering. Yes, I was fixed on the target, but it didn’t fire when I expected it to. My muscle memory and familiarity with the Canik got the take-up and wall all cattywampus.

One thought was “Ok, get rid of the EC9s and buy a somewhat larger Canik with the same trigger.”

Then I found the Aegis trigger by Galloway Precision. It’s breathed some life back into my diminutive EC9s.

The nice folks at Galloway have been thoughtful enough to post a video on YouTube showing the entire process of taking the gun apart, removing the old trigger, installing the Aegis, putting the gun back together and finally running through a function test. With all the right tools in front of me, the entire process took right around 30 minutes. (Always clear your gun of all ammunition before any of this. Duh!)


With the Aegis, the take-up is definitely shorter. The wall is more obvious than with the stock EC9s trigger. And when you pull past the wall to release, my EC9s now feels a little more like the DAO on my LCP-380. Definitely a little heavier on the trigger release, which is exactly what I was looking for. The release doesn’t feel shorter, so it’s still not at all like my Canik, but the stiffness after the wall provides just the feedback I need to be alerted that it’s about to go BANG.

As they will remind you in the video, hang on to all the parts from removing the old trigger. If you ever need to send your gun back to Ruger, it MUST be in original factory condition or they will not honor any warranties (which they don’t actually have, but they kinda do).

Also be aware that this modification does away with the magazine safety on the EC9s. If you hate the mag safety, you’ll cheer. If you love it, don’t do this modification. (I’m ok without it as it now emulates my Canik and my LCP380.)

Definitely worth the $40!