Prevention and Accountability SHOULD be the WH Mass Murder Protocols

“In the list of priorities for the Biden administration’s gun policies, these have fallen far down on the list behind efforts to create a new taxpayer-funded office to install an extremist gun control agenda, craft new laws by executive fiat, criminalize private firearm transfers, halt firearm exports, illegally spy on the private financial records of Americans legally buying firearms and ammunition and continually spinning outright lies that come straight from President Joe Biden himself”.

“Despite The White House’s insistence on treating criminal violence as a public health issue, crime is still a very real and very lethal problem this administration refuses to confront. Murder rates in most cities are falling off the peaks witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but some cities report shocking murder rates. Crime is still rampant”.

Unfortunately this NEW Office of GUN CONTROL Restrictions and Disarmament is filled with ANTI-Gun Left wing radicals (Like Bloomberg without Brains) and will attempt to Choke the Second Amendment and our God given RIGHTS to Death----@ Tax payer expense by the way.
You have to hand them ONE caveat though for their single mindedness, If they put half the effort into putting criminals in jail instead of their SOCIAL JUSTICE STUPIDITY I’d have nothing to gripe about! :crazy_face:


The White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention

Gotta love the way these tyrants play with words


That’s what they do man
Might as well call it what it is for a change…
The Orrifice of Soros/Bloomberg Civilian Disarmament