President Trump to hold rally in the Bronx today!

Another majority-democrat stronghold. Into the belly of the beast! AOC’s own district!

Should be a real eye opener!

Watch LIVE HERE starting at 5:00 P.M. ET


I do wonder what the benefit of that is (every time every candidate does it, because they all seem to?). That is, campaign in an area you 100% know you will lose.


Well, for one thing, it will provide real time, on the ground, objective evidence that the democratic constituency is against the President, LIKE IT IS ALWAYS PORTRAYED BY THE MSM. Amirite?

Democrats can enjoy watching the crowd disembowel the orange man, wouldn’t THAT be worth watching?

The other thing is that the President is basically hamstrung by the circus court and his political opponent. Logistically, he can’t really campaign too far away from the courtroom. AOC admits this herself:


I pray he is wearing his Body Armor.


And this is how it should be done. There’s no point in visiting places you know you’re going to win but to stir up the “rah-rah” factor and keep the voter base energized. He’s going to democrat strongholds to show he’s there for everyone, despite what their “representatives” say. This was Trump’s town long before AOC, and he knows it. Trump used social media to win 2016, since it was weaponized against him in 2020, he’s going to the tried and true ground game, getting out there and shaking hands, and there isn’t a thing Pichai, Zuckerberg, or Bezos can do about it.


Or maybe not. I know Democrats that stated in 2020 that they were going to vote for Trump. I believe there is a larger number of people siding with Trump now that, even though they may dislike him, see how the Democratic party is politicizing justice in their attempt to destroy him and will vote for him for that reason alone. Also consider how over time some Republican strongholds have become Democratic, and vice-versa, so there is always a chance for change. The lawfare is working opposite to the intent of the Democratic leadership. Blatant, wholesale corruption does have that effect on the sentient.

Also, if he gets the same huge crowds there, as he does everywhere else, it will put even more fear into the Democratic leadership. Then things will get really interesting.


They are voting for Trump because they can’t feed their kids, they can’t sustain the businesses they opened when Trump was in office, they are not safe! Eight years of Brandon is suicidal!
Four years was a slashed wrist, four more is a bullet to the temple!


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^WHAT HE SAID!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ YES DAMMIT! AI Bott-crack
HUMANS will get it!


His rally went very well, leftists are losing it. :roll_eyes:


almost as good as standing up and taking a leak and watching progressives heads explode for doing it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: [that is standing not sitting] :laughing: :laughing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

MAGA 2024


Hochul pulled a Hillary and stated that people that support Trump are clowns. They are certainly making their case against Trump very difficult for themselves.