POLL: Racking the Slide

Greetings Fizbin. I believe I understand the question, but just so that I am clear, what does “DCI” stand for? Forgive my ignorance. I may use a different term, but the same meaning.

Hey, no worries and I enjoying helping folks as much as I love leaning from folks. DCI stands for Dynamic Critical Incident. Or also known outside the USCCA world as maybe threat engagement.

Thank you for educating me. To be honest, I am hoping to be a USCCA Certified Instructor in the near future. To answer your question: The short answer is “it depends”. The question asks “possible” DCI, therefore there are way to many variables. I am not trying to dodge the question, because a scenario would have to be provided. You and I know that when an incident occurs that rises to the level of “lethal force” it will be viewed and investigated based on the totality of the circumstances; hopefully.

I have attended a number of “tactical schools and academies” and have shared my knowledge and experience with nearly (if not more) a thousand law enforcement officers (nationally and internationally) and they all have different firearms. I just educate myself on their weapons so I can have some level of legitimacy.

I have participated in hundreds of hours of “force on force” training and “micro-drills”, as I am a Tactical Training Officer. Human Performance is a big part of it. I can’t explain to you which one I do. At the end of the day, the technique used is not relevant. What is, relevant is ensuring the weapon can send led on target when necessary; and is ready to do so when it isn’t.

I hope this makes sense. Stay Safe, Stay Strong, and Stay Adept.

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