Pocket Dump: BOB Basics


Yes, I always carry an extra pair of eyeglasses.


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I’ve never cared for the notion of a classic bug out strategy. My wife and I carry get home bags, and they are different than what most people SHOULD carry. That’s my major contribution to this thread: everybody’s should be customized to their situation, plan, skill sets, and vulnerabilities. You can’t carry everything everywhere. So you pick your top 3 most valuable in a pinch skills and you make sure you have what yoy can easily carry to help you do them better than most. Next, focus on the 3 things you can carry that would cause you huge problems if you did NOT have and were stuck in New Orleans during Katrina. Pack those. Be ready to cope with extremes of weather, and help you with scavenging food, water, and shelter. Think hours to a few days; not weeks or months. The latter isn’t a realistic plan for 99.9% of human beings. But you may very well have to walk, wade a stream or swamp in the dark, spend a night or two in a place you aren’t actually supposed to be, patch up a wound, take your meds, and fight off a pack of coyotes to get to where you ARE supposed to be if things get bad. And you may have to leave your bunker now and then to go get something or help someone.


I’m surprised that nobody has said insect repellent, or sun screen. It’s a staple for being in the woods for any period of time. I can’t fully express my intense hatred of mosquitoes.


You are correct brother I didn’t mention it and it’s important. :+1:


Is that a new Glock feature, @Jeff-A1?


@Dawn Glock :thinking: MRE Pork Patty :wink: no difference. I will say the Glock is probably easier to digest.


If any of you guys fall into a creek, you’ll sink straight to the bottom :laughing: