Our Governor at Work - Finally Reasonable Thought in Government

I single issue voted for Cox, he ran on Constitutional Carry. He started leaning a bit left when the LGBTQ+ stuff bubbled up but now he seems to have come to his senses in regards to DEI.


I can go either way on DEI. I am a construction worker.I don’t think too highly about formal higher education. Education can only go as far as the teacher. I get my education from the real world(myngastur).

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I can’t. I’ve seen firsthand, and have heard from many others, the actual, in-practice effects of the DEI programs. They basically undermine all the civil rights protections that were gained in the 50s and 60s by filtering everything through the lens of a person’s skin color. And they’re used as a bat to beat people into submission on first amendment issues. It sounds good on the surface, but in practice it’s pure evil.


Now I will have to look into it more. This was the first time reading of it.


I go by the “do to others as I would have done to me” or stop it stupid.