DEI Laws - Nothing to see here folks

In other words nothing is changing, just rearranging the chairs on the deck of a sinking shio…

and to add insult to injury, they still cater to those here illegaly while closing up the stuff that was pretty much for American Citizens

The Dream Center, which works with undocumented students and students from “mixed-status families,” will also remain. “Its services are based on immigration status, not race or ethnicity,” Walsh said.

And, in true politician fashion,

HB261 doesn’t impact entities that get federal funding.

Stay close to that Federal Gubment Teet.


November cannot come soon enough. :face_exhaling:


I live in rural America in one of those fly over regions. I see much of this crap that becomes law and carry on with my life. These big city decrees handed down by politicians for a better, safer society for the most part do the exact opposite. I choose to ignore them. My life remains the same. I do right and no harm and ignore their ignorance till they bring it to my doorstep. When that happens we will have a problem.

Yes, November cannot get here soon enough.


Even if November comes, there’s no guarantee.
If not having “a senior moment” at the debate is the benchmark, we’re already screwed!


Oh C’mon Eeyore
Stay alive long enough to bore your Grand kids with
stories how ‘Grandpa kicked some Invaders A**es!’
You are living in a time of unbelievable REORGANIZATION!
Politicians standing trials, Alphabit’s being dismantled!
Traditional Values returning
The National Anthem sung with Pride!
The End of Wokeness!
Progressive/Socialist extinction!

November isn’t a guaranteed Victory, but it may be the flashpoint!
Another shot heard round the World.
It’s in our Jeans (Mine are Carhartt’s!)


I pay close attention to body language. It looked to me like Biden was jacked up for his State of the Union speech; he was uncharacteristically coherent. Given the importance of the upcoming debate I’m guessing his handlers will have his doctor administer a little pick-me-up. His performance will tell the tale.
Hunter knows his way around to where he can score some prime product.


TRUTH! They are testing the dosages right now @ Camp David. ‘They’ say he is doing a full court press mentally cramming for all the issues…He has to mentally prep for standing tall for 90 minutes!!!
You can call me a Conspiracy Theorist (been there done that) But old Pudding is HOOKED on Adrenochrome ! That’s the Juice that revitalizes and refreshes—unfortunately for old Joe it has adverse effects on Dementia sufferers–hence, that is where the ANGER Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Comes in! If they over play the dose we could have a show on our hands!

POP some corn
grab your favorite beverage
Lock N Load
and watch all the Demons Explode!
Dana Bash and Jake Tapper are so conceded that they won’t know what hits them!

All Trumpinator needs to do to win is stay calm, don’t respond to Puddie’s Insanity!
Show stability and Reason and he wins the fight!


Oh here we go again with the protected classes of people !
I recently attended a Rescue Project through my Church.
One of the speakers a Pastor was at an Airport during 911 just about to board the plane when the attack happened. Needless to say that the flights were cancelled all individuals were ushered out of the airport swiftly.
The Pastor then headed over to a restaurant to wait for a ride. The news blaring, the restaurant by an airport we can easily state that the Media was left wing. The news reporter stating " I bet there was SOME important people on those planes." Coming from DC and LA! WOW! Our lives to the media do not matter as we are NOT Important and to the far left only SOME peoples lives matter.
Just another way by the left to pull Officers off the Street and babysit those with hurt feelings. More control…


I can’t drink but garden slugs love beer. Bought a six pack for the first time in years and I had to show my ID. Not because I look like I’m under 21 but because it was store policy (?). They scanned my ID and off I went. If I could drive myself, I would have looked for a different store. Not sure if it’s a state law requiring that but what’s next? They’re keeping track of everything nowadays.


Then all President Trump needs to do, is get so far under the f#$Ker’s skin to make the bastard explode/implode on national television.

I’m looking for a Mike Tyson first round KNOCKOUT, flat on the f$#kin canvas! Or, I seriously wouldn’t mind Trump biting off his ears!
OK, I’ll settle for a bone crushing uppercut!


when they do that to me I tell em next time a new store…

and I do my best to keep my word…


They used to stamp KY drivers license with “over 21” to make it easy for the clerks.


I’m not familiar with that product and had to look it up but steroids are another substance that temporarily boosts strength and energy and also causes temper tantrums. In the course of my time as a LEO I’ve seen the effects of ‘roid rage’ on domestic abuse.
On the other hand, deranged old men who yell at clouds don’t need much in the way of external stimuli to set them off.


I’m sorry Brother Ryan I wasn’t clear here.
This is CT: Conspiracy Theory stuff. Folks here know me for it.
Like it or not it’s TRUTH.
‘Adreno’ (chrome) is taken from the spines/Necks of Babies : Infants-Young children.
The younger the better. It’s sick, Twisted and EVIL!
A potent mix of ‘Life Forces/Blood’—The ‘Vic’ usually doesn’t survive.
It is believed if you SCARE the SH** out of the Innocent, the Fluid they draw is more potent. (Better High for the Skell /MURDERER).
If this is the case, this is responsible for Puddin’ Pants (aka: J.R.Biden) used this to go from Dementia riddled Cadaver to a Firey Angry Orator during the State of the Union address…
We shall see what Stumblin’, Bumblin’ shows up for the 1st debate on Thursday night.
It is said he is ‘cramming’ for the debate—in some circles that means his Lab Ratz are ‘testing’ the dosages to make sure it isn’t like Goldilocks: Too rich or too strong. If they get it wrong the Demoncrats lose their Feeble Front Runner for the Election in 130+ days!

The (3) main side effects are:

  1. It drives the Addict Crazy eventually. (They get addicted to this stuff)
    That’s why places like Epstein Island are so popular for the Elite’s.
  2. It ‘Ages’ you faster----notice Pudding’s sharp decline lately?
    He was never a Charismatic Orator or speaker but Jeez…
  3. When given to Dementia patients, It hightens their Anger and Frustration at Not remembering things, Can’t express themselves clearly etc.
    and then in this instance 'Angry Joe ’ comes out! Insulting, Rude, Out of control.

Pop some Pop Corn Brother
This may be a wild ride?

disclaimer, You don’t have to believe any of this but I need more Conspiracies…All my old one’s have come true!