Other than firearms.... hunting weapons, any bow or crossbow hunters here?

I bought a Barnett a week or so ago…
Anyone that enjoys shooting, but can’t get to the range or tired of cleaning guns get a bow or crossbow and a decent target…
Still get the trigger control and practicing a steady hand . Also if you’re in city limits, no boom.


Shot archery in my youth, not great, not bad. My club has a tree stand and 50 yard deer, and moveable targets, as well as a 35 acre course. Been meaning to get back into it, recurve, nothing fancy…but kind of forgot about it. Appreciate the reminder, think I’m about to do a search.


Ever since I destroyed my solder on active duty bows are off limits. I can’t even play golf e we ithout reinjuring it.


Crossbow would be perfect for you.


I went hunting elk one year. I heard noise coming a short ways away from me in the foothills of the Cascade mountains and went to take a look. Excitement mounted as I spotted a big 5X6 bull was thrashing on a tree. I pulled back and aligned my sights when he stopped and his ears twitched. I let loose with the arrow and the arrow took into flight as I can see the arrow drift to the left then to the right. As the arrow came to the elk he backed up a little and dropped his hind quarters down and the arrow went right in front of him, just grazing him. His chest puffed up as he grunted a heavy warning to me. I began to fumble for another arrow as he set his eyes towards me. I just cleared the arrow from the sheath when he stomped his front hoof then ran off into the woods. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I felt I was fair game for him.
Another time, I was on a hill side looking down into a swampy area that elk loved to cool off in. I heard a beautiful sound of an elk bugle as I scanned the area with my binoculars. Avidly looking for any movement for this bull to come out I spotted a hunter in a tree stand that was doing the bugling. As soon as I spotted him, across the swamp I heard a rely from an elk bugling. I scanned over and looked for about five minutes and nothing. Then I heard the other guy bugle to it and I kept my focus from the area of the mysterious bugling and I spotted it. Another hunter in another tree stand bugling back. This actually went on for hours. The two guys could not see each other but from my vantage point I could see both of them. The were hard to spot but with good binoculars I was able to spot them.
Upon my frustration with the crowded woods I tied a rope to a tree and started thrashing it back and forth real hard. Then I blew a long hard deep bugle then I left. I heard them bugling back and forth at each other all the way out of the woods. I can laugh about it now!



Lmao! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: