OH Preemption Laws and Anti Gun Columbus

Can the community click on the link and spread it around quicker than herpis in an infantry unit


They’re keeping our courts busy with nonsense since courts have been striking those laws down regularly, so this one will eventually go down too.


You are too late we are all infected. It is the people that think this is common sense we need to get infected.
Assuming you meant herpes.


Tbe same common sense that made the same city leaders pull down the statue of Columbus and propose to rename the city “Flavortown”. You know, not to offend anyone.
I wonder if the ordinance applies to city of Columbus proper (relatively small) or the greater Columbus as well.


According to the USCCA site on state laws, Ohio Yes, “has preemption. The authority to regulate firearms is reserved to the state, except municipalities may restrict the discharge of firearms. Anyone adversely affected by a local ordinance in conflict with state firearms laws may bring a civil suit against the locality.” I guess a liberal city can ignore the law and do what it wants.