Obviously Trespassed - Did the owner cross the line?


and being somewhere he shouldn’t have been, if he had skied into a hidden danger and broken his leg? or died? you know as well as I do who would have been held liable. The old man, as the property owner. I’m not advocating being trigger happy, but people need to learn that the world has boundaries, and all the “playing around? whatever” doesn’t change that. You are there to ski at the resort, not wherever you feel like. “doing any harm” doesn’t matter in the end. I keep having this same issue with the dog using hunt clubs that decide annually that my driveway should be fair use for them, even though they maintain nothing and destroy plenty. Your right to dog hunt doesn’t supersede my property rights. I have an active shooting range, there is a reason for all those no trespassing signs. Don’t heed the “no trespassing” signs at your own risk. you were already warned.


I agree whole heartedly in
Boundaries, Property rights and the like Matt,
Whole heartedly. I wasn’t there as I said, this could have been his 1,000 kid ‘unknowingly’ boarding, skiing, hiking whatever through his property, I just don’t know.
The Clubs abusing your property is disgusting, the ‘migrants’ traipsing all over American’s Property/lands is CRIMINAL not to mention Illegal and harmful.
All I was stating is we have to be careful we don’t get THE LAW shoved up our hyenine by over reacting on a kid boarding…


I feel for you Dave 17, the exact thing you wrote has been happening to me for years.
I even have security videos of these trespassers but the officers always say they have to catch them on the property in person.




I have a solution Brother…


You’re Welcome


Scatter on the forest floor!!!

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My ideas were manure, motion-sensing water sprinklers, poison ivy or brambles, thicket bushes… Still have a few come through on occasion, but not like before, neither did I employ any of those methods. The police did talk to the most egregious one after I took a picture of him and the officer also talked to his parents.

Initially when I talked to the kid, he told me that he didn’t care and was going to do it regardless. His father was an officer, and the officer that talked to the teen and parents stated the father was quite PO’d at his son. So that stopped him.

The officer stated he also spoke with all the children in their classrooms about trespassing. We also addressed the issue with the homeowners association and they put a statement in their newsletter about trespassing. All of those actions seemed to alleviate most of the issues, that and talking to people and teens as they were trespassing. I never got angry, was always calm. But that one kid did torque me a bit with that attitude and his comments, but I will not let that set me off. I took the appropriate actions to resolve the situation, instead.


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