NYC Gun Detectors


That’s because everyone is leaving, including the police, and most crimes are not even reported, or prosecuted anymore. Thats how you get labeled a safe city. Let crime run rampant and eliminate accountability or prosecutions so the “numbers look good. Those facts matter.

We lived near NYC when the kids were young. Sold my place north of NYC around 2006. Property taxes on my old place are now $36,000 a year last I checked.

Daughter went back to live in the actual city twice since then, both times in what is considered very high end “neighborhoods”, both times ended in her leaving disgusted and in fear of what the City has become.

We all now live out west back in America. F_ck NYC, let it sink into the ocean for all I care.


Aside from that, where did they get the valuations of the costs? And based on the population of NYC (does it include all the illegals, or only the ones they know of?), 20.1 million, based on their numbers, that is $34,612,200,000; Lexington, pop. 322,570, makes it $597,722,210; Irvine, pop. 303,000, makes it $110,292,000. So the real cost of crime in NYC is over $34 billion more than the #1 and #15 in that list, I didn’t look at the others, but that is clearly not a number to brag about as being “safe”.


New York City is just like any Blue City today.
It’s like playing RUSSIAN Roulette
You can live in NYC, LA, Chiraq for (20) years and NOT
be touched by Crime. The flip side of that coin you could be a victim
of horrible crimes multiple times in a short period of time.
The issue today is what you said Enzo ‘stat’s’ are WORTHLESS these day’s
Because the Media is fully corrupted and Agencies LIE, LIE, LIE
This disinformation cannot be trusted anymore.
Back in the day when most people weren’t nuts you could research where to
raise a kid, buy a house, safer neighborhoods… today, that’s pretty much out the
window, it’s a crap shoot. An example is the ‘Mob’ a couple of years ago who stormed that
Rich peoples neighborhood and the (2) White folks came out with their guns, remember that?
You can’t tell anymore what’s the TRUTH. If you look at the Main Stream Mafia TRUMP is already
CONVICTED, you look at FOX and he’s playing their game exposing Bragg for the Puppet Fool he is.
Who the hell knows anymore.
All I do know is now that the Indoctrinated Kids in College have been ‘activated’ the rules have changed. It is now going off the rails because Biden is on the ropes and his handlers can’t take the chance of him losing (because they have no back-up plan ‘B’).
This is My Opinion only but it just got worse once the Palestinian bullshite was activated. We have way too many Enemy in our wheel house right now. If it was ‘Just the Migrant Army’ or ‘Just the Chinese’
that would be one thing. But now we have Multiple Threats of those people and these Woke entitled children (who can still do serious damage make no mistake here folks) then there is the Peace loving Muslim’s, The Armies of South America, Anti-American’s in our own gov’t and the list goes on and on and on.
If ANYBODY thinks we are going to get out of this Shite Storm unscathed I’d like a Quarter Pound of what they are smokin’.
Oh and one last thing if ANYBODY thinks NYC (or any place else) is putting those Detectors in the Subway, Federal buildings etc for YOUR SAFETY? I have swampland in DC I’d like to sell you. Look at who’s bags they are checking. Look at who they are looking at hard when people go down into the hole in the ground. CITIZEN’S ! Skells KNOW where the Man is and avoid them like the plague. They are checking OUR bags! OUR Briefcases, so that WE don’t bring PROTECTION into the Subway’s.
WE ARE BEING DISARMED! Nicely now, but disarmed nonetheless! You go (2) stops away from Cop Central and those machines, Guard and Plethora of cops and you could be slashed, shot or raped.
In 1978 I used to go (28) stations on the El-Elevated Train into the hole (subway) and when I started my daily trek I went from White Middle class neighborhoods and when I came out of the ground I was on MAR’S ! (and I had my .357 !) Today I wouldn’t go down there in a Destroyer! People get the false impression that these Politicians CARE FOR US—they don’t. They NEED our Revenue to feed the Migrants and pay their salaries and we can’t if we are all dead or too scared to go to work.
Sorry for another RANT but these people make me sick. It started when we let the Skells get away with holding Seattle Hostage years ago. Now the ‘Campuses’ are the next phase. After years of Brainwashing these useful idiots are now center stage in the downfall of America.

Then we will HAVE to Fight.
Act Accordingly
Stay Frosty


Hmmm … when I suggest that people actually run for office, I get shat upon by many of the participants on this site for a suggestion is impossible, too hard for mere mortals, to entrenched, etc. If you’re one of the people who believes that running for office is impossible (and I don’t know if that’s true), then who will replace these “stupid people” who managed to figure out how to run for office?

I believe many were installed.


A random normal person of normal means and background being elected into the United States Senate does seem to be a practical impossibility.


Everyone in the Senate has to start somewhere and they all put their pants on one leg at a time.

When I worked in Kansas, my boss was Governor Sam Brownback. He served two terms as US Senator and quit because he promised to do so when he first ran. Before that he was a one-term Congressman. Before that he was appointed to be Secretary of Agriculture for the state of Kansas by the Democrat Governor who he later beat for the Congressional seat. Before that, he went to law school and practiced law in Manhattan. His family owned and operated a farm outside Parker, Kansas (population 249). He was appointed by Trump to be Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom (whatever that does). He’s 67, so hardly an old white guy in office for life.

Pretty normal person of normal means, not connected to any deep pockets as long as I worked for home. But extraordinary in terms of commitment and integrity.

Our system only works when people of good character and integrity say “I can do that” and make an attempt to run for office. Our system dies when people are too lazy or apathetic to engage.


So maybe step 1 to improving gun laws by getting elected to the US Senate is go to law school and get a law degree?

Sorry but when people talk about impacting our nation’s laws, becoming a lawyer and getting elected to the US Congress just isn’t generally in the cards for a random individual concerned with our laws


According to official stats, 1/3rd of Senators are lawyers. After all, that’s what we ask Senators and Congressmen to do – write laws. And, if one is elected to write laws, one should also be educated, have a respect for laws and understand basic legal traditions/processes. But it also means that the majority of people in the Senate are NOT lawyers. Certainly, many of the founders who wrote the Bill of Rights were lawyers.

This presentation by the American Bar Association details the bios of those who are lawyers. It is remarkable to me how many come from pretty ordinary backgrounds, and they did not start out as Senators, but served in a variety jobs and elected positions before being elected to the Senate.

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I know you know this. For people to get elected they have to appeal to the people. People don’t get elected on their good merits. People get elected by votes. Until the people that vote want to elect people with good merit not their political affiliation, nothing will change.
What it amounts to for me is once the people have good merits, the politicians with good merits will run because they have a chance of getting elected.


True enough. One of the things I’ve learned (and been deeply discouraged by) is that the majority of the eligible electorate do not vote at all. According to Congressional research, in primaries, which is where candidates are vetted and elected in single party districts, turnout of the electorate averages 18% nationally. If half vote in R primaries and half in D primaries, that means candidates get elected with who can secure the majority of around 9% of the eligible electorate. Given the apathy of the American voter, a “winner” in a contested, two-way primary is someone who gets 4.5% of the votes of the eligible electorate – even less if there are more than two candidates running.


What kind of shenanigan is this?

Because every knows the police are seconds away. :roll_eyes: