Nope, Nope: For the NewBies: Nope, Nope. Nope

All I can say is: :scream:


Hence the term ‘newbie’.

Perhaps ‘inexperienced and lacking in training and knowledge individual’ would be more fitting?

We were all newbies at one time, just as we are in any other thing we start or become involved with for the first time.

not sure how it is degrading.

Dictionary Definition;

Newbie: an inexperienced newcomer to a particular activity.


anybody can find anything offensive if they want to.
My comment was not meant as degrading- it was and is meant as educational.


In what world is “newbie” demeaning? How did Americans get so sissified? That is demeaning, by the way!


Just pin names and labels on people to identify where they are at in the gun community. I guess that’s cool.

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You miss the entire point. We are here to help each other… When I was a Newbie, I actually considered buy one of the clip holsters until EXPERIENCED people set me straight.

I find it degrading that you question my comment! (sarcasm).


I am honestly, unclear on what the objection is. I am 100% trying to understand the issue here.

Are you objecting to the word “newbie”? As in… if we used some other word or phrase it would be OK?

Or are you objecting to the fact that some people have more experience than others? Not sure how to get around that one…

Or are you objecting to labels in general such as “beginner”, “intermediate”, “advanced”?

Or are you placing a negative connotation on the term “newbie”, perhaps feeling it is an insult or intended to harm?


I’m a newbie when it comes to pistols… why I research or ax questions here… not offensive but I am n adult and I through my feelings away when I joined the army in 84… kids now days have it rough and there is know way we can understand it(sarcasm)


OK Harvey, I’ll explain. There are people new to the shooting sports and to CC who are wanting to gain knowledge and experience. Those who have learned by practice and mistakes share to them, but first refer to them around others as “newbies” because they don’t have their elite level of training and knowledge. Not cool.
It’s just right to say they are new to the shooting sports and we’re here to help them, rather than pin a rookie label on them. Like taking someone to the range or gun store, and letting it be known to others that he or she is a 'newbie" , making it known that they don’t know anything. But, projecting yourself on the other hand as the professional. Not cool.

First, thanks for replying. I’m honestly trying to understand what the issue is and why you feel it’s not appropriate.

I’m still not sure what causes you to think it’s “not cool”.“Why” is it not cool? I’m going to extrapolate and infer and assume a few things from the rest of your response that I think may be the root here, but obviously feel free to correct me if I’m off-base.

“their elite level of training and knowledge” “as the professional” you twice point out that the person doing the labeling is projecting some sort of superiority.

“they don’t have” “making it known that they don’t know anything” you twice point out that the person labeled doesn’t have something the other party has.

So what it sounds like, is you think being labeled a “newbie” or “n00b” or “rookie” or w/e other label gets applied to a new or inexperienced person is a negative, derogatory, or demeaning term meant as hazing from other “superior” “expert” “elite” “professionals”. As if a non-newbie looks down their nose and sneers at those newbies while giving them the bare information so they stay a newbie forever so the non-newbie can retain their superiority. The “alphas” making sure the “betas” keep their place or somesuch.

If that’s what you think… that is 100% not the case.

That label does not have a negative connotation in this community specifically, and (in any part I’ve ever encountered) the greater gun community in general. It certainly does in some other (non-firearm related) communities, and if you are part of one of those communities, well I’m sorry you got a negative experience over there but that doesn’t apply over here.

If you tell people you are a newbie or new or rookie or inexperienced people will rush to help you. They will go out of their way to make sure you have more knowledge/expertise than you started with. For exactly the same reason you mentioned above which is we were all newbies at some point. And some of us have compiled a decent amount of experience in one area or another, but are still newbies in other areas. Maybe we are an expert pistolero, but don’t know which end of a rifle goes bang.

If you goto a range and tell people you are a newbie (you can use that exact phrase) or if someone you are with says “hey I got a newbie here!”, folks will help you load/unload, tell you the firearm safety rules (because no one wants to be shot by accident), help your trigger discipline, help you get sights aligned, offer encouragement when you miss, help you to miss less, talk to you about your choices in firearm/ammo/accessories, let you shoot their firearms to see if you like it, I could go on and on.

Knowing someone’s knowledge/experience level helps the rest of us give appropriate advice. If you get a malfunction and are a newbie we’ll ask “did you tap/rack?”. If you are experienced we may ask “did you check the ejector and feed ramps?”. Neither offer of advice/help is meant to be derogatory, its about getting you the most appropriate and useful information.

The bottom line is it seems like you are inferring that by pointing out someone is new, they are projecting their superiority and your inferiority. And that is 100% not the case. That’s not what that means and is likely baggage you are bringing from some other community/forum where that may be the case. New users are very welcome here as evidenced by the tons of newbie and newbie-like threads all over this forum with super friendly and helpful responses.

If I’ve missed the mark, let me know either here or in DM (so we don’t further derail this thread). Happy to continue the conversation and make sure you (and any other “newbies” or “new to the shooting sports”) feel welcomed and get the info they want/need.

Tagging @Dawn too.


I’ve heard “newbie” in the gun arena for years now and it hasn’t been used in a demeaning manner. We’re all newbies at one point or another.

I know in other forums or areas “newbie” can be derogatory, but I don’t think that’s what was intended here, @Martin_A.


Some things are just stupid… Any body can find anything offensive about anything. Just look at blm, antifa, democrats.

Wow!!! really, you flagged me!! :joy:


When you discuss with someone, sometimes you try to educate and inform that person. And sometimes you are educating and informing everyone on the sidelines who is watching.

I don’t think it’s right (let alone accurate) to portray the community as looking down on new gun owners. Maybe when someone says a false thing, the best policy is to ignore it. Sometimes I do. And sometimes I write a novel in response :smiley:


Ok, guys you projected your point. And, my point here.

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Thanks for extrapolating and inferring in your the novel. I believe you missed the mark. I was just saying, don’t take a new person and label and separate them to identify to others. Whenever I teach younger or older people and share from my years of experience and mistakes, I wouldn’t refer to them as “newbies”, “rookies”, “ignorants”, or some other name label anywhere. I don’t believe that would help them. Thanks, for letting me have an opinion here.

No problem.

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Got one yesterday, I wonder why they’re attracted to the white line on asphalt?


If one is not humble enough to accept they’re a newbie, they shouldn’t be around firearms. For someone worried about labels because it’s demeaning, you’re sure quick to jump to sarcasm with people on this forum who have been extremely helpful to me, and many others…


First… you are the only one that has even suggested ‘ignorants’.

‘Newbies’, ‘Inexperienced’, and ‘rookies’ are all basically the same thing… someone WITHOUT experience and NEW to a particular activity.

From a prior reply.


I just got my copy of USCCA Conceal Carry Magazine and they actually allow advertising for some of the “clip” holsters. HMMMMM… money over safety???