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First, this was about three years ago. I was definately looking for 9mm, but not finding exactly what I wanted in the time frame in which I wanted it (when I decide to do something, the time to do it is now), so I found a .380 I liked until I found the 9 I wanted. No rush cuz I had a .38 and a shotgun in the house, and still have the Derringer. It worked out well though, because when my son-in-law got his P365 right after they came out, I knew I’d found my 9. I waited a few months till they worked out the initial kinks the first productions often have then bought mine.


@Nancy yeah he is pretty handy :grin:

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@Jane2 The P365 is a fine weapon. Glad you found a 9mm to suit you, and such a good gun at that. I know what you mean about when you decide to do something, you get it done NOW! I’m the same way. Wise woman to let Sig work out the initial kinks before buying.


@Lacy–please let us know his reaction when you are consistently outshooting him. I love watching that happen on the range.


When my daughter outshoots me at the range, I usually casually ask her if she really intended to walk home? (+/- 35 miles)

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No–revel in the fact you’re a great teacher! LOL

@Aaron25 lol. Unfortunately his and my schedule doesn’t allows us to really get to the range together.

I have an array of pistols, large and small. I try to find out what anyone (not just the ladies) want it for. I will meet people at our club to help give them an idea. I’d rather spend time helping someone find the right gun the first time. For a new shooter, a 9mm is usually a bad idea!

I am actually very fond of my Sig P238 and my wife carries it when walking the dogs…

@David38 I still out shoot my 15 year old daughter in pistol, but she crushes me in 22 rifle.

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@lacy, You know, that is true and I did not think of that until after reading your reply. I have a tiny wife and I guess because I am in the business plus I am retiring from LEO and prior military my mindset is different. I have learned from training women and some men that it is up to each individual person to be comfortable with what you carry and where you carry. Even with all my supposed experience and knowledge I did not think about Lacy’s point until after she stated it. I now have a new set of questions to ask ladies when they ask for a large handgun or rifle. I never thought to ask, “who suggested you get this caliber or model”, I always assume the person asking did their research. Thank you ladies for teaching me another new point of view.


Good job. I am building range myself but it is going to take a bit. I use our local indoor range here and I have my customers meet me there where we go over everything and insure that male or female, they are comfortable and they are getting the gun they want, not the one someone else wants them to.