New Shooters - do you know your laws?

There is so much to learn when you first start carrying for your self-defense. What firearm should you carry? What position should you carry in? What holster should you use?

Much of carrying is individual and subject - except when it comes to laws. Do you know your state laws? What about the laws where you travel?

To find your state laws and where you have reciprocity, check out the USCCA’s Reciprocity map (USCCA Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & U.S. Gun Laws | USCCA)

One thing to consider is if you’ll have to inform the police that you’re carrying if you’re pulled over. Some states require it.

Does your state have the duty to inform? How will you inform the police officer if you’re carrying?


No, we don’t have a duty to inform but I do anyway. I will listen to him respectfully, then when he is done I will tell him I have a CCP and that I have a concealed weapon on me and where it is. I usually get the “You don’t show me yours, I won’t show you mine response”. Then I hand him my license and my CCP.

IL doesn’t have the duty to inform. And I do not inform unless asked.

I spoke with LEO once about this. He told me he didn’t care if the driver told him or not. He always had been approaching the car with hand on his holster.
These days you have to be prepared for worst and assume all people can be bad. Especially being a cop.

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Thank you!

Kentucky does not have a duty to inform. Just as important, remember to check the reciprocity map and check whether a location you are traveling to has a duty to inform. I am regularly in Indiana (no duty to inform) and Ohio (duty to inform) and even though I know the answer, I check the answer before I make the trip.