New Shooter: Range Etiquette

I tell my students that even if a shark bites them on the leg to keep the muzzle pointed down range.


Talk to the RSO to have the nonsense stopped or call a cease fire to make a point…the old saying everyone is an RSO, etc.


I think it should depend on how long you have held a carry permit as to whether you should be able to practice drawing at the range. If your a greenhorn it will probably be dangerous and should be taught properly and supervised by the Range Officer on duty. If they can demonstrate that they can do so, fine. I think drawing your gun is an important practice drill for all shooters, but must be done with the utmost care making sure to clear all body parts of the shooter and everyone at the range. RO should have a strong presents in order to make sure shooters are drawing their gun properly. Anyone caught being careless should be asked to cease and desist until they take a refresher course on how to do it safely. If you argue with the RO you are asked to leave. Sorry the RO is in charge of the range.

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