New Shooter Monday: What advice have you received?

Many times when people find out you’re new to something they want to give you all sorts of advice, even if it’s not asked for.

Learning to shoot is no exception.

What is the best advice you’ve received about shooting?

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4 safety rules.

Since then no other advice was better.


@Jerzy <Drops the Mic !!!



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The 5th rule–don’t go shooting with anyone who doesn’t know the first 4 rules. :slight_smile:


A mantra my first instructor gave me before I took my first learning shots:

Never un holster a gun you don’t intend to use - ( or clean, put away, etc )

Never point a gun at something you don’t intend to shoot

Never shoot anything you don’t intend to kill

The message was clear, it’s not a toy, so don’t play with it. Always handle it with known purpose , And always do so correctly aware of the potential results.

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We created a few downloadable items as a guide. Just a couple tools we use. :slight_smile:

Sounds basic, but shoot and shoot often. As often as you can, plus some.