New Shooter Monday: Pitfalls of Friends Who Shoot

As a new shooter, there are a lot of benefits of having friends and family who have a lot of firearm knowledge. They take us to the range and let us shoot their guns, they share range etiquette and give us insights into things we never knew we didn’t know about shooting.

But there are some pitfalls as well. As a new shooter, which if these things has the more experienced shooter in your life done for you?

  • Loaded the magazine
  • Loaded the gun
  • Racked the slide
  • Cleared a jam
  • Bought a gun
  • Cleaned your gun
  • Other (please share your comments below)

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What is the first thing you insisted on doing yourself as you learned?

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I learned how to shoot when in the NYPD Academy and taught myself how to be safe and responsible with a firearm and will always teach new shooters what was instilled into me throughout the years.


My friend just showed me his handgun. It was beautiful “SIG P210 Target”. I handled it like a rookie… finger on the trigger, flagging everybody and everything it the room… :imp:
He told me basics… what not to do…
That day I decided I need a really good training.
All advices, information and skills I learned, come from firearm Instructors. I don’t want to follow small mistakes made by friends or other shooters.