New Shooter Monday: Never thought you'd have a gun?

My dad got his CHL. A little bit before I did. My mom wasn’t to thrilled with it and I hid the gun and everything I got for it and they didn’t realize what was going on until I disappeared 10 hours for my CHL class and my coworker told them. I already have everything for it. My mom’s condition was not to wear it in the house and to keep it put up only carry when I go to work. I carry all the time and she just had to come to terms with it.


We were actually hoping the conversation was going to come around to a point where everyone was learning from each other even if they didn’t agree. While it went off-topic, we can always split off productive conversations into their own thread.

We want people to have difficult conversations here with the goal of learning from each other. We know not everyone is going to agree, but we also know that we can learn a lot from people we don’t agree with.

We’re never going to agree on everything – just look at the best caliber debate – and that’s OK. It’s part of what makes life interesting.

But as responsibly armed Americans we know that our actions are going to be scrutinized by anyone who is anti-firearms or who sees gun owners as a bunch of hot-heads who are looking for a fight. So have your disagreements, but keep them civil and about the issue.

And there are a LOT of new gun owners who are looking for places where they can go to learn more about their guns, protecting themselves and their loved ones. That’s what our mission in the Community is - helping people learn how to best protect themselves and their loved ones.

You all have a TON of knowledge, no matter what stage of your self-defense journey you’re at. Let’s focus on how we can help each other in these new shooter topics and keep the other topics in their appropriate threads.

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