Nevada - Lake Mead National Park

It looks like in 2010 a law was passed that allowed visitors to carry a firearm while in the National Park. A family member said it’s illegal but I don’t see where that’s true. Anybody else know NV’s laws pertaining to firearms at National Park?

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Not sure if any state laws supersede federal laws.


The law made it so National Parks had to allow carry in a manor that follows State laws where the Park is located. So if you can carry in NV you can carry in the Park. Though NPS documents state that it is not legal to discharge your firearm in the Park. Not sure how that would play out in a self defense situation. Also Federal law says that firearms are not permitted within federal buildings so you have to leave your gun in the car stored according to local regulations before you enter a structure. Likely including restrooms at trail heads etc.


State law takes precedence. If you’re not legal to carry in the state, you can’t carry in a national park in that state.

Also be aware, that even when you can carry in a park, you can’t carry in buildings like the visitor center, ranger station, etc.


Thanks folks. I did a search and thought it was legal as far as I could find. Wasn’t sure if I was missing a more recent bill. Thanks!


The caveat, as Shamrock pointed out, only if they are federal buildings.