Mistakes by the Media: SBR

I keep hearing on different programs that since the weapon Rittenhouse used didn’t have a barrel unde16” (plus the 23” total length) it was legal.
What they seem to be missing is that a SBR would have been illegal regardless of who owned or used it.
That’s the whole thing in question with the AR pistols, are they a pistol or a SBR ?
Possibly this is a moot point, but a SBR would have definitely been a federal crime.


It wasn’t a “mistake”. It was on purpose to further Biden’s agenda to strip law abiding gun owners of possessing and using AR pistols with braces.

The media doesn’t make “mistakes” anymore with regard to yellow journalism. Everything that they do is on purpose.

Stay safe.


OK, noted, and your reply respected & understood.
I think I was thinking of the average viewer in this case, most of the time having no ideal what a SBR is.
And along the lines you’re speaking of, I’m sure this trial did nothing to enhance the average persons perception of the AR’.


SBR is legal as long as you paid the $200 to the ehteaeff I thought? Folks put braces on to skip the stamp is my understanding.
The whole technicality crap ticks me off. No matter what’s in my hands, I’m shooting the same thing, paper or steel…
CT banned AR’s after Newtown, but “others” became a huge thing. AR receivers, barrel greater than 12", pistol brace, at least 26" length, mandatory vertical fore grip. The humor lies in the fact that our pre-ban AR’s are not allowed a foregrip. Our leaders are smart that way :roll_eyes:


I remember reading something about this as to why the judge dismissed that charge. When I saw the pictures it looked like a 16" barrel on it but it’s hard to say I guess.

At this point I’m not watching news or even getting on FB because I just don’t want to hear the stupidity of people.


I dropped fb during the Kavanaugh hearings, the bias and stupidity the last straw. I use a Roku for tv, and generally on YouTube, though feeling I’ll be hooking a PC up to my system again so I can watch bitchute instead. Anyways, whole roll of headlines from the MSM news sites about the “victims” that Kyle kept from killing him. Didn’t watch any of it, but the responses gave me hope for our country.


I live far from my family and our bourbon club is on FB, otherwise I’d have deleted it 4 years ago. I was actually blown away when I was reading people that think he’s guilty and murdered those 3 assholes. They are obviously not reading the full details of the case but rather only reading Lib headlines.


The judge dismissed the weapon charge because through the course of the trial the prosecution never presented any evidence on that charge.


DA was grasping at straws, he had no evidence for the firearm charge as it was legal in Wisconsin, it was kept in Wisconsin, it was not brought into the state & he had a legal right to have it. DA’s whole argument was nonsense & he should be replaced.


It was not until the 1934 NFA that SBRs/SBSs became “regulated”. It was not until the 1939 court decision that “sawed-off” shotguns were claimed to be illegal as they served no military purpose, unlike what the military actually believes.

As to AR pistols and SBRs, the differences have distinction only due to the stupidity of the NFA. When one delves into firearm laws, one learns how completely inane these laws are. Does it really matter that one is carrying an SBR, an AR pistol, or an AR-15 rifle? They all use the same cartridge. Granted there are ballistic differences due to the varying barrel lengths, but that is a whole different topic.

Under US law, the ATF has definitions of what various firearms are, and there is a cartoon video from the youtube channel Firearms Unknown that is quite funny with an ATF agent Beazit explaining the differences between the SBR, AR pistol, and AR-15 rifle. And just for fun, a 2011 ruling by the ATF on parts kits to make pistols, SBRs, and rifles.


I guess we’re going to find out in approximately 160-170 days ? That’s how long they said it would take to read all the comments (200 days, over a month ago).

On a different note, and perhaps I misunderstood what I read from several (somewhat reputable) sources, it sounded as if the kid obtained his firearm by a “straw purchase.” If so, he’s guilty of a federal firearms violation. If true, I wonder if that could be forthcoming.

Yes, I remember hearing that mentioned. I think somehow, that specific charge was not pressed by the prosecution for some reason, not sure why.

The “straw purchase” law is a federal crime, I am unaware of Wisconsin having a similar law, and it would be against the purchaser, not the recipient. Additionally, my understanding is that the recipient must not legally be “allowed” to possess it, which this trial proved that he is.

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99.9% of what the propaganda media claimed was false. A lot of people think Kyle shot 3 black guys because of media lies. The rifle had a 16" barrel. It was not a braced pistol. I am surprised the judge has not taken the prosecutors before the Bar. It was clearly a persecution not a prosecution.
I fully expect the braces to be banned but I have found they are not necessary with proper technique. SBR’s are legal to own if you have the $200 tax stamp. So are machine guns and suppressors if you live in a state that allows them.

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Personally, I thought the DA, once Grosskreutz testified that KR shot him AFTER he pointed his gun at Kyle, realized that he had lost and tried VERY HARD to annoy the judge enough to declare a mistrial (without prejudice) so he could take another shot at it. His “gun handling skills” left much to be desired, also. Finally, I would forego a haircut that makes my head look like it comes to a point.