Making training as realistic as possible

I remember a class in the NCO Academy in Bad Toelz. We are sitting there in class, the DI is giving his spiel when the door burst open, 2 guys run in, shoot the DI, Grab a student and drag him out. The instructor that got shot jumps up and starts yelling “WHAT DID YOU SEE?” “WHAT DID YOU DO?” “Write it down”. About a minute later he collects the papers. It was very eye opening to see how many different versions there were…


One of the issues I have been struggling with is coming up with drills that condition me to stop firing when the threat has stopped.

I was practicing with my new SIRT pistol today and the foster cat my wife and son decided to adopt was very into it. So I chose a target on the wall close to the floor and tried some rapid fire drills on it. I found that when the cat charged and got in the way of the target that I automatically stopped firing in time not to hit him with the laser.

We got a system going where I would take a shot or two to get him focused on the target. Then I could draw and shoot until the cat charged in the way. Usually after 2 to 5 shots. I was able to stop every time with no laser dots hitting the cat. With the pause due to the target getting blocked the cat would usually shift slightly away signaling the threat had resumed and giving me an opening for another shot or two before he would lunge back in the way.

Maybe not the most realistic training but it certainly added in a shoot don’t shoot and start stop variable that was very random as well as a little bit of the hostage drill thrown in since the cat would sometimes sit very close to the target waiting for the laser.


Well, I practice a 5-shot string as one firing iteration. This is in my muscle memory. You will have to be specific when instructing me to fire only one shot. Guess I’ll be in deep kimchee!

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I try to vary my strings because I don’t want one set muscle memory response that may or may not fit whatever situation I find myself in.

My recent cat training with the SIRT pistol helps give a random start stop signal but even at the range I try and vary things anywhere from 1 to 6 before a brief pause to assess if more are needed. Though I mostly keep my strings in the 2 to 4 range both before and after the pause if needed.


Do a couple of tours in a really crappy country.Realistic as it gets.

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