LCR 9mm?

Anyone have input or experience with the LCR 9mm? I’d like to get a little revolver to carry when I go on short trips in gym shorts or sweat pants (I’d ulti clip a holster most likely).
It would also be nice to not have another caliber to buy (I have enough differentiation) Just curious. Nothing I’ll do any time soon if at all.

I have heard of issues with 9mm not being designed for this set up and the bullet can become unseated.


I don’t own one but researched it before. Use of moon clips required and could be the issue you’re referring to.

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I watched a Paul Harrel video on it. Basically the backing out is only an issue if your going to fire a few rounds and then reuse the rounds that were already in the the gun when firing. The cool thing is the moon clips look like quick reloads.


I looked everywhere at the time for a 9 LCR but found a .357 version at a great price new, yes I had to buy dies to reload the new caliber but on the plus side I can use .357 and 38 spl in the same pistol👍