Simple question, Should those involved in CCW actions sue the perpetrator (if alive) and their family( those that raised him or her) . Before being taken to court, on behalf of the perpetrator.


Interesting thought, sort of like the race to call 911 and report, this would be the race to the attorney for Civil damages…loss of property (real or use of), mental duress, pain and suffering…hmmmmm :thinking:


so basically you’re asking the question because if the family of the deceased or perpetrator that tried to attack you can sue you for damages and death, then you should be able to sue them basically for the same thing? Is that about right?


Plus who is the real (law abiding) victim?
Aggressor. Or the aggrieved


or claimed “he is a good boy!”. It is complicated, sometimes the family is the support structure for the thug, sometimes they are his victim, sometimes it is both. For example, I believe there are lawsuits that are brewing against the family which housed Parkland psycho.


So, you’ve been attacked and had to defend yourself.
Then, you become the subject of a lawsuit, penalized for not ending up dead.

What’s the problem here, judges who entertain those lawsuits instead of tossing them in the trash bin?


It became complicated when you threw in the ( if ) portion. “If” we both survive, perpetrator should be sued, but obviously has nothing that I can recoup. Could be a waist of time. Doesn’t prosecutor take care of that?
Every one is responsible for their own actions, you screw up, you suck up! No need to get anyone else involved unless they are directly involved. IE: get away driver.
“If” bad actor exits stage left. I won’t be waisting my precious time giving him a second thought!


Maybe wait until you see how it plays out and then if their is a civil suit, countersue…??


I expect George Floyd’s family to be bombarded with lawsuits, as they already made millions off his name and will have made more with book, movie and apparel deals. His crimes victimized a number of people, so it would be fair to sue.

In a civil suit, the question is not just “is this person somehow at fault”, but also “does this person have money or assets that belong to at fault party”


While each scenario different, I would ask myself this…

“What am I trying to gain.”

Maybe hospital bills, maybe property damage, or whatever else may arise, I would make sure not to sue just got the heck of it.

Because it seems you are asking from standpoint of gaining leverage but would declare you already earned that. You are walking away with your life.

Again each situation brings a different outcome. If backed into a corner you might just have to for your-name-sake.

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