Lady was pepper sprayed at a park near me. (True story / Scenario)

We had a lady who was attacked last night at a park near my house. The assailants ( mid-aged woman and man) pepper-sprayed a 19yo woman 6 or 7 times at close range, even as the victim was running away. The assailants drove off long before the police arrived and the police have started an investigation looking for them.

From what I was able to ascertain, the victim saw the couple fighting and cursing outside their car in the parking lot near the park. Their kids were in the car. The victim asked if they could go somewhere else as the assailant’s children and other children were around. Probably not the best move, but absolutely within her right to do so. No threats or foul language was used towards the assailants. That is when the couple started attacking.

No one intervened until the assailants left. The 19yo was temporarily blinded for several hours after the incident. I was not there to personally witness this, but it happened about a block from where I live. I’d like to know what would be the best way to handle something like this.

My question, given what context there is and beyond retreat/call 911. What would you have done in the victim’s shoes? Beyond what she did, was there a better way to resolve this situation?

What would you have done as a bystander if you witnessed this?

I am just curious what people’s reactions would be. This one hit close to home… People are very tense nowadays. I think its good to rehearse (even mentally) and discuss with others what would be appropriate for these kinds of situations.

Stay safe everyone.

Edit: This happened in Texas. Don’t know if that makes a difference, but thought Id mention it.

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There was another thread recently where a person (woman?) was pepper-sprayed in a park while having a picnic with her family. Lethal force is not a legally justified action, and now-a-days, sadly, even though the pepper-spray attack is assault, it is unlikely the police would do anything about it. If you struck the person, you would likely be arrested for assault.


How should a woman handle a situation, when she is pursued by two assailants, looking to incapacitate her, and whom she witnessed in combative state before the attack? The assailants didn’t look to repel her with pepper spray, they pursued her, while she was running away, did I understand correctly?

I’d say she would be justified to worry about kidnapping, rape, murder.

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You did understand correctly. From what witnesses said, she was absolutely pursued. I appreciate your input.

I think it’s a touchy area since pepper spray is a non lethal weapon and is difficult to counter with any justifiable/effective force in return. However, I do agree with you. I wasn’t there, but I could see how she would have (and did) fear for her life. I could see how someone in the wrong place/wrong time would have escalated that much further.

It’s sad what people have come to nowadays. I feel sorry for the young girl. I imagine that was quite traumatic…


Thank you for your response. If you come across that other thread, could you link it here?

Call 911. Immediately. Stress that there are children present,
then video and be a good witness, get tag descriptions and usher other children away. Unless I saw violence, you are most likely interjecting yourself into a custodial argument. Something I would not do.

If the couple came after me anyway. Using the reasonable man scenario (which is based off of a reasonable man of my ability AND my disability) I would be in fear of Grave Bodily Harm
(Oonsider I am sitting in a hospital after my 12th back surgery atm).

So I would tell the 911 operator they were not leaving me any other option to defend myself. Pull gun to low ready and give loud verbal commands to desist, while looking for a spot they couldn’t come at me from multiple directions.


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While she might fear for her safety, this key point is perhaps primary. If you witness someone in a combative state, would you approach and interject yourself into that situation…


The first question is, why interject yourself into a domestic dispute, or some argument between two other people? They may be arguing over the custody issues, or one was late to drop off the kids, or they might be arguing over whether they should or should not get ice cream… (there was no indication of what the fighting and cursing was about, or really if it was physical or just verbal, so responding as if it were only verbal).

Next, if there is concern, call 911. Get the tag numbers of the car or cars, if possible and ensure you can describe the individuals and what the fight was about if you can hear .

I would not have jumped into a situation not of my concern. If it escalated, I would call 911.

Once she stepped in, (and this happens a lot with domestic disputes… the police are often faced with both teaming up against them… which makes the Democrats idea of ‘social workers’ showing up really sound as stupid as it is…), she really has no viable options, she jumped in, and it might be questionable if she can use a firearm to defend herself, though it is an option, as pepper spray can incapacitate you and make you vulnerable to serious bodily injury and / or death.

Should not step in… .call 911 if it appears to be a high risk volatile situation… but arguments are sometimes just that… arguments.


Does she have a right to demand a stop to prophanity when other children listen? Absolutely.
Should she interject herself into what very well may be a dispute over drug deal (custody battle? LOL, you think too good of people) -I would not.
You probably could cite Michael Drejka case here.


Agreed, but a 19 year old probably wouldn’t have the maturity to comprehend the risk (Sorry Millennials) and probably thought she was mitigating the risk to children by asking them to go elsewhere.


As a millennial, I agree that wasn’t the brightest move on her part. Still an unjustified attack no doubt.

There are a lot of immature ones out there, but some of us are responsible! I promise we’re not all bad. :slight_smile:


Wasn’t implying bad at all. :partying_face:

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My wife is a Psychologist. She explained why the police send more than one officer to a domestic disturbance. When two people are arguing and a third person intervenes it creates a triangle that gives the arguing people a focal point for their anger. No matter if the intervening person was within her rights, she created the perfect storm for a crisis.
I teach in my class that it is a dicey situation to intervene as a third party. If a person decideds to “do the right thing” be ready for trouble.
It’s best to call the police and let them sort things out. That’s what they are trained to do and they have the authority to make an arrest if things go sideways.

Just my 2cents


All she has to do for justification is say " I was afraid they were going to kidnap and kill me."