I know the right thing to do, but

I work construction and returned early this week. Due to access issues and epidemic concerns on travel. Anyway, I was approached by an “executive/owner” of the company. As well as an under management person at different times during my brief paperwork drop. The questions were very similar.
" My wife wants a pistol, what should I get?"
First reaction was a new cell phone to call the police that are armed and will be there to save you.
That’s really concerns me as these are the same anti gun Dems that don’t believe I should carry and put together the company hand book that disarms me. Now they want help teaching them and their wives to shoot. First response to the was what are you going to do with the firearms? Do you want it for home, night stand, or carry? Do you want to go to the range and enjoy your time or is it to carry?
The answer will be your mind. “Something to carry, I will shoot quarterly to make sure I can shoot straight.”
At this point I had to disengage. For fear of “running off at the mouth”, and telling them I won’t train the enemy. Am I wrong or should I offer to do a carry class for the concerned and unprepared Dems that just two weeks ago wanted me disarmed?

I know this seems like a rant and I should just walk away but I have known these people for 20 plus years. What do you guys and gals think?

Yesterday was go pound sand
Today I’m considering offering a class.

Thank you for any input.
Oh by the way, just read Farnam’s quip and it describes exactly what I experienced yesterday. Maybe that’s my answer.


Unless you are a certified trainer/RO I would worry about running an official class, I would think they could hold you responisble for ‘accidents’ if they did something wrong. I would give recommendations and advice with emphasis on getting in range time. Let them know if can be just as dangerous to carry without training as to not carry. Never turn down the chance to maybe change an anti-gunner mind.


Think of it this way. Maybe you convert 4 of the “enemy”. I think alot of anti gunners are starting to understand now that when seconds count, the police are 10’s of minutes away.

In another words, be the bigger man.


I’ve had that conversation with a number of people in the last week. Including people who came into the range who had never shot a gun. I went over the basics of firearms, safety, grip, stance, and then suggested they rent before they buy anything. And they did. And they shot before the bought. Some didn’t buy right away, some came back the next day to buy after seriously thinking about it.

I want people to defend themselves, but I don’t want people to get a gun and not train.

This is the perfect opportunity to give them the building blocks and show them how much we really do learn and train. Maybe we can change their minds permanently about self-defense and firearms.


Thanks, just confirms my “good guy conscious”. I am an instructor here. Going to make the call and offer a carry class for the enemy. Lol. And do agree they need to train more often than quarterly.


A close friend of mine asked me what 9mm I would recommend to a first-time gun owner for home defense. The potential buyer is the friend’s son, who once had a dilemma about grandson visiting grandparents because of guns in the home. My friend and I are taking this as an opportunity to ignore past slights against gun ownership and help the son out. We’re gently asking the right questions and offering the help we can (my friend owns and carries just .22 handguns. Don’t judge. :slightly_smiling_face:).

In these uncertain times, I think we can serve the world better by letting bygones be bygones.


I believe that is the course of action. Just received a call requesting a conversation. Must be a priority all of the sudden. Will do the appropriate thing.


Teaching is rarely the wrong answer. You never know how what you teach someone may benefit them, those around them, and how it may even come back around to you. Could lead to some changes in that handbook, down the road.



I will help and even run the program (which may be getting folks through the local training at ranges) if you augment the company manual to allow carry. Otherwise…my $ is on the coronazombies.


Exactly! This might be the moment when they see how the Govt isn’t always going to be there to save them.


Personally, I’d use it as a teaching experience.

First thing I did teaching a formerly anti-gun coworker was in a private setting. Brought in my pistol, unloaded it, and handed it to my coworker and watched how he handled it. First thing he did was finger on the trigger…

Taught him how to handle it, point it, finger off the trigger. 2 hours of handling, cycling the action, dry fire, etc before we even went to the range.

I am not an instructor, but I can show basics and get you at least started in shooting and basics.

From there it’s up to you.


Well had a productive, in person conversation this afternoon. Chatted a little about what and where. We have an accord as to some private lessons and range time. Keeping it casual as an afternoon in the back yard. Said he was willing to put in more time than quarterly. Was, like I said, a productive conversation. Talked him out of buying a .45 right put of the chute. Told him there was a loaner program for range day. Also explained how we would start small and slow as to not scare the to of them away. Sounds promising. Thanks for all the input.


It may be a good time to slide in a question about a possible change of heart concerning carry on the job, since management opened the topic.



Hey ! Great idea for all of us to do better. I just saw my first rush in two gun and ammo stores and
it is slim picking to none. All things have sold out. Please TRAIN not buy, be your best.

So much for the rush on toilet paper at Wal Mart, Two days straight and all of it gone and it has been empty for 1 week.
1 week now.


Even if they are democrats, gun owners are not as likely to vote for anti gun candidates. Maybe they are just reacting, maybe the first of several steps to more personal responsibility.

I have a very liberal gun owning hunting buddy. We just talk about guns, hunting and such. We get along great. :grinning:


Every problem is an opportunity. Although I’m sure we’ve all heard the “no one needs a firearm” discussion with others, this is an opportunity to educate and familiarize others… especially those that are being honest and sincere in their questions and willingness to hear… even if they were against it before.


I’m sorry but that’s like asking Nancy Pelosi et al to reverse the impeachment and asking for her engraved impeachment pens to be returned and apologizing for tearing up the state of the union. It’s in their DNA to oppose us.
Liberals and anti2A goblins wanting guns now, in particular, is panic driven NOT to defend the constitution or this country.
I don’t see AOC coming to my local range to practice with peace loving law abiding citizens to fight governmental tyranny, she is the epitome of governmental tyranny. People like her just want to protect their own skin.
After fighting so hard to maintain our 2A RIGHTS the only thing I’m willing to teach a liberal, is duck and cover. There’s no way they are coming over to our side or our way of thinking!
They don’t love this country, like we do. Most of us are prepared to die for our country, is she or those like her? Yeah! I don’t see Ilhan Omar prepared to die for our values.
I applaud your compassion but in my opinion that’s the virus talking. Don’t get me wrong, I love you for that, it’s what keeps me in line.


Dawn I could not have said that any better. Good Job ! I just had something similar in the family. I plan to go to George’s house and give him the USCCA course it will be good for him and let me give my first instructors course. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Some might. A lot of folks are anti gun because of ignorance and believing the media and politicians. Sure, hard core anti gun folks are not going to become pro gun, but a lot of people might vote for anti gun stuff because they don’t know better.

I say teach anyone who is willing to learn. Won’t make them any more anti gun, and might change a few.


The average liberal is just misguided by the msm,teachers and a nanny state.When they see the light it shakes their belief system.It is now time to guide them on the right path,

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