I have 1000 to spend on a ak47 which and what company to buy one with that budget?

Before anyone says it, I already have a bushmaster ar15.:smile:. Looking for a solid starter ak47? Zestava makes one for 823.00 by me and heard they are good starters? But im open to any? I will be mounting a scope as well so it needs the side rail on the reciever.


As much as I respect the AK for it’s drop dead functionality, it’s upgrade ability and overall performance sux. I would be more inclined to go with an AR-47 upper for your AR (or just build a complete one) they figured out the magazine issue so that is not a problem any more. The build ability of an AR platform is a given.




I thought the stimulus package was $1200. and $2400. per couple plus, if I did my math right, $3000. for the kids.
Remember, never let a government stimulus check go to waste, your family deserves the best in self defense. Or just buy one for each family member.
WASR 10 $780.00
Arsenal SLR AK Series $950.00
PSAK47 $499.00 = 1 for each family member. Rock on🇷🇺
However don’t count on ammo being available til after elections.


I like the AK platform, I can’t believe how much they cost these days. I bought a MAK90 on a fire sale for $150 pre Clinton ban literally like Indiana Jones reaching for his hat as the door was closing on being able to buy.

30rd magazines were no more than $7 ea and ammo was dirt cheap, with lots of vendors who sold upgrades and accessories.

These US made ones I have no personal experience, but here’s a cool video @Henry4 mentioned.

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I hear the Palmetto State Armory AKs are pretty good. I have no first hand experience with them though.

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Hello, I now i am late in getting in here. have you acquired an AK already or still looking

Still looking i think ibwaited to late. So far im leaning on zestava zpap… I watch akunion on youtube and he is heavy on zpap. But if you have any info please let me know!

I use to check the shops and stores. Do you have a lot of experience with firearms or will this be first time purchase. I generally check GrabAGun, things go quickly, but they have never been completely out. Sometimes some good prices. If you have an idea of what you want. Check the manufacturers MSRP. Then check the website. Another one that occasionally has stuff listed is GalleryofGuns. Cheaper than dirt list low prices but pull supply and demand, So thread carefully on firearms and ammunition. The best built are milled recievers with threaded barrels, James River does stuff pretty nice. It is a pretty open market for you. Sellers have the controll, once you decide on manufacterer, check around.

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Just a thought, have you checked Fleet Farm. We have bought several firearms from them and they may be able to order it for you. Their customer service is pretty good, just give them a call. :+1:

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They are totally sold out, but the PSAK-47 (several variants) have solid reviews across the web as inexpensive (not cheap) AKs. PSA makes a lot of solid, no frills firearms.


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I bought a wasr 10 for 275 from dunhams sports in the mid 2000’s. Holy cow those days are long gone. Really wish I still had it.


Very experianced with firearms just not that platform and from what ive heard it can be kinda tricky with ak rifle. With head space and off kilter sights and rivits over gasing and trunnions going milled instead of cast…

yes, everything you stated is correct. There was a company in Pahrump, Nevada that milled the receiver for more durability, they were bought out by Armscor company, I do not who bought who, but the have Armscor product and RIA, which during WWII built under contract a lot of Army firearms and ammunition, I have seen the work at the local shops and they look and feel great. The were making 1911’s. I had an Army issued one and it was great. I sold it to move to Nevada. I just breezed through their website and do not see the AK or the SKS Styles they made 10 years ago. Good luck in your search, and teach your family gun safety at all times.

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I was told that Czech-made AKs were better overall quality than others - better steel, fit and finish.

Zestava zpap70 ak47 super quality all the way… Also go on youtube and look for akunion. His name is rob and he puts all the ak’s to the fullest of tests… Including 5000 rounds,putting in swamp for days and firing,drop tests,sand tests and this without cleaning it!

I’m not big on foreign-made SAs, but I’ve read and heard that Czech-made AKs are the best quality - steel, fit and finish.

Don’t know much about AK’s, but I found this article interesting - $699 from PSA:

[Video+Review] PSA AK-103: Best U.S. AKM Clone? - Pew Pew Tactical

They’re supposed to be releasing a 556 model this year too. Wish I had the :moneybag:.