How to Save a Nation — From Someone Who’s Done It

Interview with the president of El Salvador, who, in one turn, took the nation from being the most deadly, dangerous, and corrupt on earth (literally) to being the second most safe and secure nation in the world.

The whole thing is well worth listening to, but especially the first 25 minutes or so.

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Here’s the link to the Apple podcast page:

WHEN are we going to learn this…

The solutions are simple! BUT, the people in power have zero interest in fixing anything. It does NOT work in their favor. Joe is a prime example of what a successful government official looks like. This guy has never had a real job, neither has anyone in his family. He and his family have become rich, powerful and influential on your TAX money!!! He gave his first billion of your money to Ukraine and they gave his son a job doing nothing for Millions of $$$$$$s and they have never stopped doing this. His game is exactly the same as you’d play in China or Russia to rise to the top. The o my difference is that THEY know it, and accept it. They all hate Trump because he made all his money outside of the swamp and he has no skin in THEIR game.

Open your eyes…. The government has become the number one industry and job creator in the USA as it has in most countries.

If you don’t have an immigration problem and a drug problem what do you do with the HUNDREDS of thousands of para-military and LE employees in these agencies? What else are they trained to do?

If you don’t have a tax code that is so complex NO ONE can successfully be an expert on it, what do you do with the millions of folks that work for the IRS directly or in associated business like accounting and law firms?!?!?

We’re are being enslaved by a government creating ALL the problems that they then step in and try to fix by exerting bigger controls over us.

It’s an actual strategy for complete compliance for your own good. Period…


You’ve been paying attention. :wink: