A Single Person In Charge

With the latest current events, Ukraine, Weather Balloons, Southern Border etc. We keep hearing from Joe Biden “I told them to shoot that down…” “I have secured the border…” “I’m sending a bazzilion buck to fight Russia…”. So as I sat here alone with myself, scary for sure, I had to wonder, is there Really a single person in this case Joe, making all of these decisions? Could a single person sell their soul to another country and then just hand our country over to them? With the accusations that Joe and Hunter may have made millions from both China and the Ukraine and considering that right now both China on the intelligence front and Ukraine on the cash front seem to be the biggest beneficiary of Joes decisions it kinda looks like that may very well be happening.


Ooohhh, it’s happening alright.
Let’s follow the money, the blood, the bodies. They all left a trail! Eventually they all got what they deserved. Half these guys were my neighbors. Obviously these guys were all microcosms of the Biden crime family. If it walks like a duck…

Xi jingping capo dei capi
Biden is a made man, and sold his soul a long time ago, ( he’s, how do you say in America, he’s a stoolie ), or the fall guy, but he’s not the only one making the decisions. He’s being told what and when to say it, or else. You can almost see the strings being pulled. Look at the White House press secretary. Talk about strings, we’re watching a marionette!

Hunter was/is the loose end that exposed the whole shebang! All crime bosses get taken down either by a loose end or hostile takeover!
Don’t be too surprised if Xi jingping becomes leader of the U.S.
The war will be between China and the cartels, we’ll just be collateral damage!

We just have to suffer till someone catches up to them. The cartels are on Joes heels.

Just like pornography, you know it when you see it!

I grew up around this stuff. I’ve seen the bodies, the take overs, the deals, the wars. I’ve been in between the .38 and the .45. Had my share of muzzles at my head, once just for parking in the wrong spot in front of the restaurant!
Was even offered a petty job at a carpet factory.
Except daddy told me, once I’m in, there’s no way out! Heck! My wife dated someone within one of the families. I decided to join the Navy!

To sum it up in layman’s terms, The Biden Administration is a Black Swan Event.


I ve never seen this euphemism before.

Not exactly a euphemism! Especially back then!

People expect the President as a single person to be responsible for and make all the decisions associated with government actions. That simply ain’t true. All chief executives have a legion of “do-bees” who do the actual work.