How to Lock Up a Gun Without a Gun Safe | USCCA

So you’ve acquired your first gun and you’ve heard everyone say, “When you’re not holding or wearing it, you need to lock it up.”

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A great tip I learned from an NCO years ago: if you can’t afford a nice gun safe, at least lock up your ammo. Your kids might beat each other with your rifle, but at least they can’t shoot each other.

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That is a very good idea to lock the firearm with a cable. However, there is a downside to the cable. I have bolt cutters and have cut those cables really easily. Obviously, not everyone has a tool box with bolt cutters but that is something to be aware.

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New member since Aug 12th. These tips are really helpful. I am in training and haven’t bought my first gun yet. Nice to have a place to gain knowledge first.
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Lots of good ideas.
A locking file cabinet could be pressed into service. too.