Homeowner shoots amid attack

score one for the good guys

praying for the home owner


Loletha Hall, a 61-year-old from Franklin County, tragically lost her life after the homeowner, targeted by a sophisticated scam, was forced to defend his home and his life.
(Poorly written article, a lot of word salad but no info on the scam to help clue in other Citizens–" tragically lost her life " (as one 'commenter said below the article) 'Who’s side are the writers on?"
If she was part of the scam she FAFO! Sounds like she beat the Homeowner?
‘Fired multiple times’—GOOD FOR HIM! There’s dead and then there’s dead!—K.Costner/The Guardian.
Another commenter said it sounds like an AI Bot article? all I can say AMMOLAND is usually better than this. Sounds like they were sympathic to the attacker
Loletha–sounds like the parent had a lisp! Buh Bye Loletha R.I.H.!


Sounds like A story from the UK where you hurt the crook you are the one going to jail