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Don’t misunderstand what I am trying to say. Yes they will take it but if it’s determined no charges will be brought against you, no trial you will get it back.

I’m not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV and I haven’t stayed in a Holiday Inn Express in years.

This is a great topic but I’ve been taught “if it’s a good shoot, it’s a good shoot”. Meaning if the use of lethal force is warranted the bullet won’t matter.

For those saying they carry what the local police carries does that mean you also have the same caliber gun? Suggesting that you will be more scrutinized by having reloads. Couldn’t the same be said if you’re carrying a 45 or 40 or 357…vs maybe the police carrying 9mm?

An over zealous DA would certainly go after you for any and every reason. Sure, reloads would be another tool in their tool box.

One thing I’ve tossed around is the “what if…” I’m in the deep woods with my 10mm loaded with bear loads because that would be my greatest fear. Imagine stumbling upon a meth operation and now I’m defending myself against highly drugged individuals. Do I call a timeout while I reload with JHPs? Or get back to the trailhead? Do I swap out magazines?

The other rabbit hole we can go down is magazine capacity…what if my local sheriff (think Longmire) carries a 1911 (6-7rnds) and I have twice as many in my double stack Glock? Am I a madman because my gun holds twice as many rounds?


I am willing to bet there are a lot of people here who will not get this reference.

(Walt) Longmire was a county sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming in a TV series by the same name.


@Sheridan - Quite.

The scenarios you noted make no sense. No one ever said that the reasoning of a prosecutor has to make logical sense to those of us outside the judicial system.

That such questions can - and likely will be raised is almost universally acknowledged.

The key is to have sound reasons for your decisions, every step of the way.

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Sort of a rehash of a story that goes around every year, gun mags rewrite/post things on this theme when it’s slow apparently. If you research it, a prosecutor went after a guy for hand loads one time. In 40’ish years. One that went around recently at Gun Digest (that goes round and round every year and has for decades) is “Don’t modify your gun/trigger the prosecutor will get you!” If you’re in an Antigun/anti-self defense state the prosecutor is going to go after you. Period. It doesn’t matter what you’re loaded with or what you’re carrying. A recent related story went around in the last month about a cop that was a competitive shooter - so she’s apparently a professional killer due to her weapons proficiency. Obviously the only safe thing to do is sell your guns, it’s the only way to be safe from “the prosecutor”.


Massad Ayoob and his nonsense rears its head again.

Bias & expertise alert, up front. Retired LE arms trainer, crimes-against-persons investigator, reloader, and bullet caster. Qualified expert in these venues in Federal (CA, AZ, and OK) and State courts (CA, NV, AZ). My agency is in Southern Kalifornistan, a place not known for its citizen-positive perspectives on gun rights.

Not once in my many years of case work was I ever asked in open criminal or civil court or a prosecutor’s staffing ANY question related to the matter of “reloaded vs. factory ammunition”. 28 years in that business. In criminal court–if it gets that far, which is damn seldom in citizen-involved shootings of goblins–the shooting is either justified and no criminal liability attaches, or it is deemed unjustified and we go to court. Despite media and film claims to the contrary, it is DAMN UNCOMMON.

Now, civil court is another matter entirely. This is where lawyer creativity and bloviation really holds sway. Rest assured–if you do project lethal force, you WILL BE SUED. Will the suit go anywhere? Not far, in most cases. Hell, the guy that shot me on duty in Aug. 1981 sued me. That’s what lawyers do–sue people to make money. THAT is why we carry policies like the one I have with USCCA. Attorney-proofing.

If someone asks “Reload vs. factory ammo?”, I recommend factory ammo because the case mouths and primer annuli are sealed against moisture and petrochemical intrusion. My reloads duplicate the ballistics of my war shots, and those get used for practice and hunting.


Of course,Prosecutors are capable
of anything to obtain a conviction.

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That would be my choice too.
But a confident ammo maker may
trust his own more than a manufacturer’s.


In general I trust my reloaded ammo to a higher tolerance than factory ammo of the highest pedigree. That said I have a litteral “Butt Ton” of Factory SD ammo from multiple Mfg’s. Enough that I have duplicated the velocity and flight characteristics of about 5 reloads given different powders, primer and boolit combinations vs factory loads. Nice to say that I have the ability to call up various ammo mfg’s directly to ask what the combo’s are. Quite frankly they are not available to the public due to buying TRAIN loads of powder. Civilianly available powders are available and can be made to duplicate rounds but it does take some effort and research as well as an inquiring mind.

I have been caught in powder and primer shortages of the past 30 years and I have developed work around’s even with some VERY unconventional powders, primers and loadings. A significant library of BOOKS both old and new can shed light on load abilities that you would never consider. Shotgun powder is useful in pistol cartridges but you MUST be VERY careful with volume in small quantities. Equally long burn rifle powders are handy in subsonic over bore cartridges (AKA 300 Blackout) When you start getting out side the normal realm of things you can"Make" things work but they can go wrong VERY quickly if you are not careful. There is more to reloading outside the box than A+B= C