Home Invasion (or was it?)

I wasn’t going to share this because in the end, there was no actual event, but after reading about someone else’s experience with a threat, I thought maybe I should, if nothing other than self-reflection for better preparation next time if needed. So, @Jeffrey26, thank for the inspiration.

My wife and I were up to our usual shenanigans as empty-nester’s at home on a Saturday night (which is going to bed early) when we heard a loud noise in our Lanai. It sounded like our screen door slammed shut, but I knew I had shut both doors and locked them. A minute later we heard it again. I had my wife get on the ground, grabbed my EDC, and got her cell phone off the table to give to her. We heard it again, so I told her to get into our safe area, gave her my EDC, and told her if she hears anything besides my voice to call 911.

I grabbed my AR and took a peak through the blinds to see if I could visual identity the source of the noise and then took up a defensive position. From here I have a vantage point at almost all entry ways of the house. After a couple of minutes of not hearing anything, I decided to venture out into the house and then eventually into the Lanai to see if I can find anything and luckily I could not. Fortunately for us, it was nothing more than the wind blowing one of our palm trees into the metal structure of the pool cage, creating a very loud noise. After reflecting on the event as I lay in bed afterwords, I realized what I did wrong and what I did pretty well.

What went well:

  1. Remained calm
  2. Got my wife into our safe space with communication and defensive tools (she is familiar with operating the firearm)
  3. Grabbed an appropriate defensive tool
  4. Took up my planned defensive position to ascertain what might be happening and where I should put my attention at
  5. Cleared the house to ensure there was no threat or event to take action on.

What didn’t go so well:

  1. I pulled my EDC which doesn’t have a light on it when my HD firearm has one.
  2. Left the flashlight on the table instead taking it with me or giving to my wife
  3. Grabbed my AR (which is still fairly new to me) when I should have grabbed my Pistol
  4. I completely forgot to load a round in the Chamber of the AR.

In the end it was a good, first “drill” for a home defensive scenario. I hope we don’t have to do that again, but that is why were are armed - to protect ourselves. Trimming the palms this coming weekend will be item 1 on this weekends to do list.


Thanks for sharing, we can all learn something from this, what went well and didn’t go so well. It gives us something to think about in our own home invasion drills.


This is a learning story . You knew that the moment you laid down. First thing you did was think “ok, how did I do?” You recognize all your potential mistakes. The best thing you can do after that is share it with others so we can learn from it as much as you learned from it.

Thank you for sharing. I learned a lot.


Thank God it was nothing but the good thing is that you reacted and your training kicked in. You got your wife to a safe area and if in fact it were a home invasion you were prepared to defend.


My wife and I practice room clearing nightly, we call it foreplay🤫

You did fantastic, role play is great preparation whether in your head or physically. Wife and I use passwords to identify each other. However I don’t think I would have ventured out to clear the house. You have the advantage where you are. Yes a light to identify threat. All weapons that are staged throughout my home are in condition 1. Empty nester, no kids around!
Patience and remembering to breathe.
Here is the place to share any scenario it’s encouraged!


All good examples and better yet explained.

I keep all mine in condition 1 as well (no kids around anymore). I just forgot to re-chamber the boomstick after cleaning it the day before.

I have read in here its better to stay put, but honestly we weren’t going to call the police unless we had confirmation someone was there. The alarm hadn’t triggered and we heard no glass breakage. I was confident no one was in the house and really did it to put my wife at ease. If any of those two circumstances were different, the cops would already be on their way. I did have a tactical light on the bedside companion btw and used it to flash the pool area and saw no doors open or screens cut open. If there was, we would have called 911 and took defensive positions for sure.

I was actually running through my mental checklist while in my ready position. I then found myself in the War Poet, over the should high ready position without thinking. Sort of made me chuckle and take a little tension off.


So glad I could inspire!

Great break down of your “incident”. Even if it turned out to be something of no danger, I think sharing it with us helps us to think “what if that happened to me”. That was why I shared my incident. I love the discussion.

I think your response was great and your take-aways are insightful. Your coordination/communication with your wife in responding to the noise you heard seems like a big strength.

My fiance and I have had about similar situations on three different occasions at home. There was a period of time that bumps in the night were potentially due to someone out there who we had a restraining order against. Everyone need to have a plan for incidents that might occur at home.

Thanks for sharing your story!