Heritage Foundation Proves 'Good Guys With Guns' Essential | USCCA

The “good guy with a gun” isn’t a myth. Thankfully, the Heritage Foundation’s Defensive Gun Uses in the U.S. database has provided us with the data to back it up. The foundation recently published an interactive map that allows individuals to track confirmed instances of defensive gun use (DGU) nationwide. Everyone supporting the Second Amendment should take a few moments to view this exciting new tool.

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Great foundation, but who is using it? I have not seen any main stream Gun Group putting this data to use, Why?
We need all of the good news we can get to fight the anti-gunners.
I wonder if the politicians have be made awear ( I did see where information was provided to law makers) and if any one asks for their input to the data. I think it is of the utmost imporatance to present these findings to the braodest base possible.
Just my thougths, whats your.


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I think these are great facts. However the MSM and anti-2A voices do not care about facts. They merely play on people’s emotions, especially the average person that knows little or nothing about firearms.
I do hope this does get some public exposure though. Anything we can do to advance our rights is welcome.


The Second Amendment Foundation did print book that is titled GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS. And it has stories of where GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS did save lives or stopped crimes. and it is a great read as well.

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I used that type of data defending the 2nd amendment on TV and the libs tried to downplay it but giving recent cases in areas where they live or operate and telling viewers or listeners to check the facts and not believe hysteria confuses them and makes them resort to attacks and repeat the same nonsense. We should have access to every report of the use of firearms to defend an innocent life. If authorities are right, Americans use firearms between one and half to two millions times every year. Liberals laugh at those numbers but if we give them the cases, they shut up.

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