Help The Concealed Carry Magazine Win Best Cover Contest!

I know you aren’t all on Facebook, but if you are, we’d love your help!

It’s that time of year again!

Please visit the links below and vote for Concealed Carry Magazine

PLEASE follow these links and vote for Concealed Carry Magazine in the American Society of Magazine Editors Best Cover Contest. In order for your Like to count, you have to click on the ASME’s photo and Like the photo. That is the only way that votes are tallied. Thanks!

This is the one time every year we have the chance to beat the anti-gun titles that usually win … because THIS is the contest that is judged by which covers get the most FAN support.

Also, please share them everywhere you can. National-level wins like this force those outside the shooting industry to acknowledge the USCCA as the force that we are.

Thank you and let’s do this!

Ed Combs
Senior Editor
Concealed Carry Magazine


Done–voted for both


Got My Vote.