Have you ever been asked why do you carry?

I have often had to explain to people why I carry a firearm because that is a question they ask me. Some even ask me if the gun was loaded. Go figure. Has anyone else ever experienced this and how have you answered? Some of the people who ask these questions are also Anti 2nd amendment. Its a sensitive discussion and sometimes these conversations you really want to avoid. But anyway I am interested to know if others have experienced this and how would you handle it.


Yes… And my reply is the same thing Neo told Agent Smith at the end of Matrix Revolutions…

Agent Smith: Why Mr. Anderson? Why do you do it? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you’re fighting for something… More than your survival? Can you tell me what it is- do you even know? IS IT FREEDOM OR TRUTH- PERHAPS PEACE OR LOVE? ILLUSIONS Mr. Anderson! Vagaries of perception- temporary constructs of a feeble human mind trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose! And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself. And although only a human mind could come up with something as insipid as LOVE! You must know it by now- YOU CAN’T WIN, IT’S POINTLESS TO KEEP FIGHTING. Why Mr. Anderson, why do you PERSIST?

Neo: (Beaten down, yet manages to pick himself up one last time) BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO.

I think about all that is against us. The world is trending & actively moving toward socialism. Private ownership will be gone; all individual freedoms will be abolished. No Bill of Rights, so for sake of this topic, that means no 2nd Amendment. I remember seeing a transcript from an interview with a Bernie Sanders campaign staffer who remarked that everyone who didn’t believe or support their ideaologies needed to be re-educated. If that didn’t work, he suggested execution.

I submit to you, 2A Community, that’s what & who we are up against. A world of Agent Smiths… I’ll leave it to you to interpret that how you will. :v:t5::100::muscle:t5:


I don’t use 2A as an argument to answer the question.
My answer is always - because I care of myself and my Family, and I care about you as well.
The most important to explain is the fact that the firearm is the last resort. Carrying it doesn’t mean the same as using it.
I love to use the term “equal force”.
So far only 2 people asked… that means concealment works.


Have you ever been asked why do you carry?

I would ask someone “If it wasn’t mandatory, would you still buy Car insurance?”

They would probably say something like “Sure”.

Then I would say, “So, you are such a poor driver that you need car insurance?”

They would hopefully come back with “No, it is because of the other guy out there on the road.”

I would say, “It is the same reason to carry a gun”


@Johnnyq60 This is what I give to people when they ask…
Note: I have a .pdf file that has 9 cards per page. I printed and then laminated. But I can’t attach a file here.
@Dawn Could you post a .pdf file for people to download?


Hmmm… I’m pretty sure it’s already in the Community. Let me find it.

** Not finding it. If you want to email it to me, @TexasEskimo, I can post it here. :slight_smile:


No one asks because when I’m off duty I carry concealed. My mother-in-law even told me that she’s glad we’re don’t have guns in our house. :wink:


Never saw this but I like it brother, Thanks


@TexasEskimo, “I have fulfilled the legal requirements to own and carry a firearm” - that being a citizen of the USA or a resident alien. No other requirement, other than our RKBA. The first two reasons apply, the last one, in our litigious society, maybe not so much, depending on the situation. As we are frequently told here, be a good witness.


I have 2 on file. One is a single and the other is of 9. I saved them to my computer so that I could make copies when I needed them. Here are the files for it.This is of one. You’re Safer for Having Me Next to You Individual1.pdf (198.0 KB)
And this one is of 9.You’re Safer for Having Me Next to You3.pdf (314.3 KB) I hope this helps everyone that wants them.


@TexasEskimo and @Reloader54
Those are good cards to have. Thanks for getting them on the page. I have had problems attaching things, but you were able to get them on there.

This is a little off topic of “why do you carry”, but these are good cards to hand out too I would think.
I had a friend show me a business card size statement that he would hand out at restaurants. I have a picture below. There were two different versions of the back side. He would leave them on the table after eating with others, but just having water if he didn’t like the no gun sign at the restaurant he was at.

I have gone to places with friends and relatives and couldn’t back out from the unfriendly restaurant since I was usually hungry and thirsty, so I would eat anyway. Have never left one of these calling cards, but I do have a couple in my billfold. I have this in Word format if someone is interested in this, I could try and get it uploaded. It fits on business card stock.



Back Side 1


Back Side 2



I’ll be honest:

I’ve lost family & “friends” by choosing to carry.



If you lost them because you carry they were not family. Its like when you tell people you believe in Jesus you lose friends and family but, it does not matter.


@Dave17 Then they are not for you I guess. Make your own and share them


Amen to that brother!


Yes. Depending on whether I value their opinion I will either give them a real answer or tell them it’s because I can’t carry a policeman.


I’d like to get the file if you can upload it here. If not let me know. And I’ll send you my e-mail address so you can e-mail them to me.

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Lol that’s a good one brother.


@Reloader54 - I had to convert the Word document to PDF and then it loaded. Hopefully this works for you.
Good luck

Business Card Size - No Gun - No Money 2.pdf (343.9 KB)
Business Card Size - No Gun - No Money.pdf (186.7 KB)


I had some cards like that made.

It went like this,

The[My]Second Amendment is non-negotiable.
No Firearm
No Business.

IF you would like our business back we ask you to reconsider your company policy

Randall W. Anderson
(1) --****