Gun Care

Not cleaning, but the other stuff like wiping blued guns down with an oily rag, eye-balling magazines and speed loaders and leather gear, applying wax when needed.
Probably more important when you have guns that are “safe queens” but I like to inspect my EDC often as well, something beyond just cleaning after range days. Less often I’ll inspect ammo for corrosion or rotate newly discovered “old” ammo to burn at the next range day, just to keep things fresh.

Do you do any of this stuff?


Personal safety and comfort is always needed.
Keeping EDC and ammo in great shape is like wearing proper clothing to work… if you appreciate your work… :wink:

I personally don’t trust anything until I check its functionality by myself.
Same for handguns, ammo, car and any power tool used everyday.


I like to go through my safe and dust them off, or as R puts it “Fondle my other girl friends”. A flashlight down the bore, maybe rod them out, exercise the action a few times, dream about the next time I can take them on a date…


I call it “Spring Cleaning.” A bit of a misnomer because I clean them after every use and a general rod, wipe down and oil quarterly. It’s something that has been ingrained and I haven’t lost it yet. Range day is always a workday, you know that while shooting all the cool stuff, it’s not over until weapons cleaning has been accomplished. No dirty guns in my lockers.


Let me ask my Administrative Assistant.:grin:


Actually, I am planning on addressing some proactive maintenance on the guns I don’t shoot much tomorrow. I wouldn’t call them “safe queens” exactly; they just don’t see was much daylight as my usual carry pistols.

Shotgun, AK, Hi-Power, PPK/S will get their biannual fluff n’buff. Everything else gets shot and cleaned almost weekly.

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