Goodbye and best wishes to all y’all!

The title of the other thread is misleading. You really should check it out when you have time.

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Yeah, I remember that now.

How does that relate to using an up to date version of ios to access the internet, vs an out of date version?

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The latest and “greatest” may contain undesirable traits.

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I sympathize with your frustration over constant upgrades. I don’t think it’s anything new, though. My old analog TV no longer receives a signal. I can’t find any gas stations that sell leaded gasoline. Walmart doesn’t sell any new Atari games. I can’t find an 8-track player.

I do still fire black powder from time to time, though. That’s fun.


You are doing better than me. I can’t even find black powder. Only substitutes now.

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Black Powder is Sadly No Longer Made in America (

I still find Goex out there. Must be old stock?


Sure, it might, but unsecure outdated and unsupported software being relied on to secure your personal information definitely contains undesirable trains. :wink: