Good Punch Set?

Any recommendations on a punch set?

I’m planning on assembling an AR lower soon and I’d like to be able to take my pistols apart further for deeper cleaning.

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Weaver Gunsmith Tool Kit from Brownells!


I picked up various punches over the years, so used those on my builds. If you are starting from scratch, a kit like @Scott52 points out with hammers (soft plastic/nylon & brass ends) and a wide variety of sizes will save you a bunch of headaches. Weaver, Wheeler, Avid, come to mind… I think Brownells has some branded sets too


I really like that large kit, but I was hoping I could get by with something like this.

Wheeler 110128 Master Roll Pin Punch Set

This is what I got.


Have you had luck with it?

Some of the reviews have people with poor experiences.

My experience is don’t over think it and dont look at it like a one and done investment. Punches and drifts are consumables, the life of which often depends upon how you use them, but consumables none the less. They bend, they break, they chip, they mushroom. Recondition them till they are nubs and then start again.

In smaller sizes their life will be as much influenced by you as by the manufacturer. Hit them square, dont him them with more force then you should reasonably expect a spindly little thing to withstand, and dont pry with them.


Year and a half without issue.


Awesome, I’ll probably order the Amazon set though. I’ll do a tad bit more research, but these are tools I’ll be using very rarely, so I don’t need the nicest.

Tools can be hard because you can go cheap and get crap, or spend a ton of money on something you use once or twice.

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@RocketPak’s kit has all you need. There is really only a few sizes that you need, and as @Greg35 said most of the time hit it straight and you’ll be fine. You shouldn’t be wailing on these punches with full power swings. Just little taps.


Ordered this one today!


I ordered the same thing.

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Just ordered one, thanks for the help! :+1:

Pin punches are totally necessary but roll pin punches are worth their weight in gold. Get both.

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