Good news and bad news re: Big 2A ruling 11-10-23

A big 2A win in the appeals court today, but pay notice to the last two sentences in the article.


Trump appointed Judges keep staking legal precedent like chord wood for later challenges to a whole lot of ATF “regulations”. Conservative judges, the gift that keeps on giving long after a President is out of office.


"Despite the ruling, the rule is likely to remain in place, at least for a while.

As noted by The Hill, the Supreme Court has left the rule in place throughout the court battles around it, and is likely to do the same now as the Justice Department moves to appeal the latest ruling to the Supreme Court."

That’s the truth with all government gun control efforts, isn’t it? It takes a trip to Supreme Court to decide anything. Of course, since government agencies draw on an unlimited warchest of legal resources (i.e., taxpayer and printed dollars), they have no economic incentive to not take everything to the Supreme Court.