Gloves and Concealed Carry

After spending the day on an outdoor range in Arizona where the temperature hit 116 yesterday, I actually was missing the cold winter days in Wisconsin for a brief moment.

Then I remembered the multitude of layers required to be warm and the gloves needed to keep feeling in your fingers. Neither temperature extreme is ideal.

Here’s a blog post about carrying when you’re dealing with the cold temperatures:

How do you deal with extreme temperatures when you’re carrying - hot or cold?

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I live in the north part of Florida and it get humid and very warm, making it rough and unbearable

sometimes. I use a set of shooting gloves that has shown me to improve GRIP and with out them

your hand sweat, making it easy to loose that grip, even with textured handles. The thin gloves are a

asset and protects the finger too. Dish panned hands, but worth it.

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Sometime way back in history I decided to drive my cars wearing gloves. I finally settled on pairing a couple of any given company’s golf gloves. (Yep, they are sold separately and sometimes you can’t find “the other one” easily but, seriously, they’re worth it!) Along the way I discovered my hands were warm in the winter, spring and fall; and cool during the summer. Also I discovered I tended to grip the steering wheel with less pressure… and this seemed to make it easier to make quick actions as necessary; I always have good grip.

So far, using the gloves, (golf gloves), I use for the car seem to work really well out on the range! So, train like you live, live like you train. For me its just every day.


That right there,^^^^^^! One of the most important aspects of training.

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During the winter, I have some camo shooting gloves, that I hunt in. I also wear them at the range. I will wear them, if I’m shooting a heavy recoiling gun. As cooler weather comes in, my concealing of a firearm becomes easier. I wear a T-shirt, with an unbuttoned flannel type shirt over it.

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