Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt By Jeff Thomas

"So, is this the end of the world as we know it? Yes and no. It is not the end of the world, just the end of the world as we know it. Whenever the leading power in the world falls, others are already in the wings, rising. And so it is today. Americans who are alive today have never known a situation in which their country was not the top dog in the world, and so it is hard to imagine a different world. For those who are not American and who do not reside in the US, it is easier to see a truer picture. With the collapse of the US (and Europe), there is still a very big world out there, waiting in the wings. Some second- and third-world countries are, admittedly, doing badly. However, others are getting by nicely. And still others are thriving.

Yes, there is a bright future ahead, but, sadly, not in America; at least not for many years. Those who were described in the first paragraph of this article as being more observant are already looking away from America into the future. For the first time since the eighteenth century, those who are pursuing the bright future are walking away from America, not toward it."

OK, I admit it’s not about Guns in any way, shape or form but this sung to me.
After reading this all this stupid stuff happening makes sense now.
My hope is it does for you also.
God Speed Warriors.


A great read. Thanks for posting that. I hate to say it, but I believe he’s 100% spot on.


Great read and fairly simple to read. Money and power are not at the top of my list of things to acquire. I am in the process of acquiring dual citizenship with Israel I will not turn my back on America. I cannot control other people. Love and the sanctity of life are the only things I know that are sustainable.


I’m with you Robert. I will admit, money is important, because without any, life is short, miserable and can be unbearable, but there’s a point pretty low on the wealth scale where, for me, some money is plenty, and more is unnecessary. I also have no interest at all in “power.” I only care to be in charge of myself, and have power over my own destiny. Beyond that, live and let live. I can’t for the life of me relate to people who want to control others. Why?? What’s it do for them??


I have to say here that you answered the question before you asked it Joseph.
YOU may not care about ‘POWER’ but they NEED it !
It’s an Addiction
An unquenchable drug
(Drunk with Power—ever hear that?)
And with that Power is the Money, they also once bitten can’t get enough either.
They want ALL of both, and they don’t care how many die to get it.
These people didn’t get hooked right away…I’m sure some tried to do good.
Sometimes the disease runs in the Family like the Bidens, Obamamama’s, Pelosi’s etc.

THIS is what turns leaders into Tyrants and Despots.
And How can you relate to them when their GOD is a Golden IDOL, A False God.

The only cure is DEATH.


walking away instead of towards? the southern boarder says that’s absolutely false lol

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