Gifting a handgun to a friend

Welcome dear John1578.

IDK. Check your state’s laws. I’d consider it like selling, there may be rules on selling. There are - in the state I’m in.

Personally, I wouldn’t feel any safer legally even if it was the most clean good person in the world.

Anything bad happens, an authority can trace it back to you. If you need the dough or grill, sell it to him following the legal process, which could include the grill or $1 and the grill, or better still, just sell it to a FFL dealer, then buy the grill.

JIMHO. Enjoy the cooking, :stuck_out_tongue:

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@John1578 Welcome to the community! As everyone else have said, just go through an FFL, and just do it the right way. It’s not worth the risk, or taking chances.


Again, the “right way” is not necessarily through an FFL, unless required by state law. That might be your preferred way, of course. But I wouldn’t necessarily declare your opinion to be the “Right way” just-because

I’m surprised how many people in here insist on getting prior authorization from the federal government before registering their transactions, whether required by law or not.


I’m not surprised.
Some people feel it’s the right way, but some (me including) recommend this just for piece of mind.
I would sleep better knowing the firearm I don’t possess anymore is not attached to my name.


FWIW, and this was mentioned above, it would still be attached to your name.

If you bought it new at an FFL, it should still be “attached” to your name in that if LE runs the serial by the manufacturer, who gives them the distributor, who gives them the first retailer, that bound book/4473 will list you as the purchaser. That should be where the trail ends. If XYZ agency is going to come knocking because that gun showed up somewhere, that would still happen.

BUT, if you did transfer it at an FFL, you could then point agency XYZ to the FFL you used to point them to the next person. So, there is that.


IMHO if you really want to gift that firearm take him to a FFL and do it through the FFL!!!

if the person you intend on gifting the firearm refuses… humungus red flag!!!

then there will be a LEGAL record telling everyone ATF, police, etc…

of you transferring the firearm to another person!!!


if the FFL background check fails… if the person’s background check comes back negative…

you keep the firearm.


you are in no danger of being blamed for any crime!!!

to me that is just the sensible way to do it… and the cost is pretty low… and not giant lawyer fees…


Just KEEP THE GUN.-------------------There, fixed it.


Welome John!! :us: For many many years now when I have purchased a firearm. never have sold or given. Suggestion these days and this just what I do. Do a transfer 4473. Years ago sold my mother inlaw a handgun. She did one also At that time there was adouble whammy as NC required a purchase permit from the Sherrif. But it was recently struck down. Probably would solve most questions :us: Even though you trust the person you are making the exchange with later the firearm may leave their possesion


This ^^^^^^^^^
Just my opinion, But I personally don’t believe in selling a firearm. BruceE gives good reason.
Lock it up and go buy your own grill and whatever else.
If you don’t like the firearm, you can sell it after the apocalypse.
Seriously though, it’s not worth the risk involved. Keep it, you may want it one day.


Yes sir I have taken on that way of thinking! :us:


I sell guns all the time

I’m not made of money, my budget is finite

New guns come out that are objectively superior to their predecessors

I learn what works for me or doesn’t work for me, truly, only by owning

Makes no sense to me personally to put a gun in the safe and never use it again when I could instead sell it and get something that is more useful to me

But if one has the money to buy more without selling or trading , have at it. It’s not like the old ones will expire they are the definitely of a durable good just don’t put them away wet or store them somewhere stupid and they’ll last generations

Yep Brother I could have simplified my post lol :us:


Sooo… Where is the O.P.? :rofl:


On another fed mission to try to get us to state that we would do something illegal? :sunglasses: