For beginners - how to grip a pistol

Perhaps 1 or 2 people will watch the video and learn something before the thread is hijacked. I’m not holding my breath.


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Very thoughtful dissertation on his part. I liked the 60/40 push being non verifiable / measurable because it is not. It is purely subjective. He also makes a very valid point regarding loosing the grip as a shot string goes on. With today’s technology it is not hard to record yourself during your shooting, every one has a cell phone or more importantly a video camera. If you are hyper aware, pull your sim card and save your video to a micro SD chip then pull that prior to putting your sim card back in.

I learned a long time ago the best method to grip a gun is the same method for greeting a man, a firm “Hand Shake” and look him in the eyes (look at the target) much to be said for that statement.




I like his videos. Most of the stuff we know from our first classes… but this guy clearly explains how to avoid and / or correct mistakes we may do with handling the handgun.

It’s always good to hear the same instructions from different professionals.

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Willingness to learn something new and excepting the fact you do not know everything is the key to wisdom.