Food in Your Bug Out Bag?

About 20% of people said they keep food in their bug out bag in Three most important things in your bug out bag?

How much food do you keep in your bug out bag (per person you’re packing your BOB for)?

  • 1 day
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • 1 week
  • More than 1 week

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What food do you keep in your bug out bag?

Field stripped MREs and some high calorie protein bars used by hikers

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Being a diabetic, definitely mres, jolly ranchers and protein bars.

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2 days. Where I’m bugging out to, has food readily available. Wild game that is.

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I’ve planned for decades in advance and carry most of my stores on person which serves as the added benefit of keeping me warm (e.g. I’m a big boy). :laughing:

Having said that, if you plan and space your food out you can stretch 1 MRE over several days (or power bars or jerky etc).

I have a MH meal and then several trail bars and some jerky. The challenge is keeping up with the expiration dates of the trail bars and jerky and rotating them out when those dates come up.

Since I’ve mostly planned shelter in place, the bag is against the storage room wall in cartons… They were a concept from my backpacking days: Mountain House “Just in Case” product line. I’ve a couple of 55 gallon poly water reservoirs. The hard thing is to get through the excess freezer food and left overs. Get it down to one refrigerator/freezer filled with a lot of blue ice and run the generator for electricity just enough to keep it 40 ish. At the same time, all the small batteries get a top up. Over time, depending on how long long is… will tell how good the neighborhood turns out to be.

I already talked about my BOB being my BTH (Bug to Home) bag where I plan on hunkering down if things go south. So generally I always have SOMETHING to eat in my truck and the random water bottles rolling around on the floorboards. That said, at my Bug Out Spot #1 I have north of 30 days of canned/dried food. Exclusive to that is 2 pails of the 24 days each freeze dried “Mountain House type” disaster buckets. Just nice to have in separate parts of the house. Veggies, Ram-men, Rice, Noodles, Tuna and my favorite Chef Boy-R-Dee Mini Ravioli (although I will admit that the Aldi’s brand is VERY good and I pick them up at 1/3’d the cost of CB-R-D). Because I am also a foodie I have more spices than you can shake a stick at so I can make chunk chicken in water taste good.

When I bought my house it had a dysfunctional well, the pump worked but it would loose the suction head in a matter of days. Spent the money got it re-shot (I think that is the right term) deeper and added a hand crank priming valve with ball valves on the go’z inta and go’z outa side of things. It’s not fun but I can hand crank my priming pump to the tune of 3 gal/ min with no power and lock it down so as not to loose suction.

Water is your #1 concern. Figure out how to get it and lots of it and you will live.




Coast Guard rations… high calorie, taste ok… enough to get me home

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