Florida man's murder plot against wife backfires after he's left paralyzed


The second amendment, making more women equal than the entire feminist movement.


It will probably cost tax payers millions of dollars over time to supply him with free lifetime health care, free lifetime rehabilitation, free lifetime defense, and free lifetime room and board. Sad, but true.
I hope the wife sues him in civil court and gets all his wealth before anyone else can claim it.


Good job, step-daughter!

I’m rereading John Lott’s More Guns, Less Crime and one of the complaints leveled against his work was that concealed carry doesn’t affect assault, rape, and murder in the home. Dr. Lott contends it does because people who buy a gun for carry in public also have that same gun in their home.

Don’t have enough info here to know if these ladies carry or not, but it made me consider that part of Dr. Lott’s theory.